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Do I Really Need A Dehydrator?

Since we don’t cook our food, raw food diets are characterised by the use of dehydrators.

Through dehydration, we add crispy textures, such as veggie chips and seed crackers.

You can also use these machines make your own raw bread, wraps, and other recipes, which resemble a ‘cooked’ texture, such as crunchy kale chips, flax crackers, and […]

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What Are “Normal” Blood Test Results?

When doctors assess a patient’s blood test results, they go by clinical values. For example, the ‘normal’ clinical level for total cholesterol is any number between 100 and 199 mg/DL. That’s a wide range.

It’s been found that one third of heart attacks occur in people with cholesterol levels between 150 and 199 — a ‘normal’ range.

Yet, […]

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2019 Health Gift List

Every year, I post my top 10 list of useful “health” gift ideas, in no specific order. This list might be an excuse to give yourself something for all the hard work you’ve done this year. Or, of course, to treat someone you love.

I am not a huge lover of gadgets, by the way; I […]

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The Advice I Gave To My Best Friend

I am spending some time in Argentina at the moment. After living in London for 24 years it makes a bit of a change to spend time in South America.

It’s nice to devote quality time to my family and being able to see my mother every day. She is the reason why I got to […]

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What I Eat In A Day (On A Raw Vegan Diet) – Day 2

I am currently spending time in the southern hemisphere and going through winter, which is the perfect time to take advantage of citrus.

Head to your local grocery store during winter and you will find an abundance of mandarins, grapefruits, clementines, and oranges.

I’d switch between eating different kinds of citrus during this time of the year, […]

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What I Eat In A Day (On A Raw Vegan Diet)

Since I started my journey into raw foods I have noticed something quite unique… I thought everyone eating the same low fat, raw food diet will follow a similar standard of meals, but that turned out not to be the case. People have very different approaches on how they eat.

On one hand, I see people […]