bullet Live life in total health, vitality, and with energy to spare

bullet Overcome and protect your body from disease

bullet Achieve and easily maintain your natural weight

bullet Always have the strength and energy to live life to the fullest

Eating the correct raw food diet will not only improve your health and vitality dramatically, but it also affects the health of the Earth.

In fact, adopting a raw food diet (or mostly raw) is perhaps the most far reaching personal decision any individual can make in order to save our planet.

You can learn more about my unusual raw food journey and the many attributes of this way of eating by downloading the free report I created, “The Benefits Of A Raw Food Diet”. Ariel Belloso


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“Hi Ariel

Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge and experience. You have helped me immensely over the last 10 months. I have diverticulitis bipolar disorder, depression, alcohol addiction, fatty liver, very high blood pressure, and obesity.
I have now lost 43 kg on a 80% raw plant based diet. I’m no longer on medication. I’m no longer drinking. I do yoga, tramping, cycling, and I am now working again. I still need to lose around 25 kg and the change in my life is soooo good.
You’re awesome.”
Miranda, New Zealand

“Thank you Ariel”.

Dear Ariel,
I am a 39 French Buddhist nun.  When I am on a raw plant-based diet, my life is totally different. I am happy, full with energy, and my spiritual life is just amazing. When I don’t, I am only obsessed with what I will eat next and with staying in bed. 
I just finished reading your eBook, Health for Life, and I wanted to thank you for your amazing work. I have been trying to switch to a raw food diet for more than 4 years now, and always failed after a few weeks. Thanks to your book, I finally understand why: – Until now I wasn’t eating enough calories (only 1400). What I thought was detox effects (fatigue, depression) was, in fact, a lack of energy because I wasn’t eating enough. I have increased the amount of food as you advised and I feel so much better. – Also, I wasn’t eating enough green leaves. When I read your “at least two lettuce heads a day”, I realised my mistake. – The chapter about addiction is very helpful. It changed my perspective on what I thought was an addiction to junk food. Actually, this is just my body in pain from previous junk food ingestion. The first view seems hopeless while the second gives the solution: if I stick to this diet, the body pain and depression will just disappear and that’s it! 
I would like to express my deep gratitude for the skillful way you share your knowledge and your experience. I hope your work will help a lot of people to succeed in eating a healthy diet and enable them to start living.
Khandro, France


“I Am Loving Reading Health For Life”.

It is so easy to digest. I couldn’t wait until I’d finished reading it all to try out the salad dressings. Wow, so easy and quick to prepare. I have yet to make a raw dinner recipe. But looking at them they don’t phase me as I don’t like spending a long time preparing food.
I have not felt the same discomfort in my gut since following your suggestions. Thinking about it, I haven’t craved for cakes or chocolates like I normally do. Eating raw, for me agrees with my digestion so I just need to keep reading, keep learning so it naturally becomes a way of life for me.
Your books Ariel are simple, well laid out and full of the most helpful info. I am very pleased I purchased the whole starter kit.

Chrissie, United Kingdom