The Advice I Gave To My Best Friend

I am spending some time in Argentina at the moment. After living in London for 24 years it makes a bit of a change to spend time in South America.

It’s nice to devote quality time to my family and being able to see my mother every day. She is the reason why I got to study Natural Health in the first place. She was diagnosed with Leukaemia in 2001.

Very early during my studies I figured out that eating a raw food diet (or mostly raw) would be hugely beneficial in treating her cancer. But either way I had to lead by example, so I had to start eating raw myself and in this way I could show her how to do it. This is how my whole journey into natural health began back in 2006.

After a few short months of following my teachings, my mother was not only free from cancer but she was also free from every other disease. She is going to be 80 years of age this year. Sadly, we don’t see many other elderly people living in almost perfect health as it should be. I should remind you that being healthy is the normal state of being. We are not meant to get sick.

We need to understand that most of our addictions to food are psychological in nature. In order to quit a heavy addiction to eating the wrong food (whether those foods are grains – pasta, bread, pastries.., meats, sweets, processed foods, refined foods and so on.. it’s important to adopt the right frame of mind and get used to new ways of thinking.

One of my best friends in Argentina is a lawyer is he said to me last week “Ariel, what if I feel hungry and I want to get something quick to eat while I am working in town? Should I stop by a kiosk and get myself one of those raw energy bars or other healthy snack??

I said Cristian, no! – you never think of a kiosk as a place to buy food, the only place you should think of as to buy food from is the greengrocers. I believe everyone should also frame their mind in this way of thinking.

Real healthy food comes from the greengrocers and pretty much nowhere else – with the exception obviously of supermarkets and other outlets where FRESH fruits and vegetables are being sold. Even the so called “health” stores like Holland & Barrett’s in London sells mostly junk.

I know some of you may think my views are someway radical but let me tell you this: I am more fanatic about this way of eating today than I was when I discovered natural health 10 years ago.

I see sick people all around me and its depressing, when it shouldn’t really be like this.

Seeing my mother every day in perfect health is also a nice and constant reminder of why I buy all my food from the greengrocers.

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