Herpes and Raw Foods

Herpes and Raw Vegan Diet

Anyone who has suffered from herpes knows how severe this disease can be. Recurrent outbreaks cause painful, itchy, and unsightly blisters and sores, which can occur frequently and last for days or weeks, leading to mental and emotional exhaustion. Physical discomfort such as pain, itching, and burning sensations can disrupt your daily activities, sleep, and […]

Plant-Based vs. Animal-Based Diets

Plant-Based vs. Animal-Based Diets

I received a good question from a reader after she saw one of my articles where I discussed my 10 years of nutrition research and findings. This is what Kelly said: I have a question after reading Ariel’s latest article about doing your own research. I find raw food exciting and am currently in transition. […]

7 Years to Becoming a Nutrition Pro

7 Years to Becoming a Nutrition Pro

I often hear people saying: “Yes, I was vegan for a month, and it didn’t work.” Or, “Oh, yes, I was vegan for a while.” And you know what my response to those people is? WHY SHOULD WE GIVE A DAMN? It’s the same as someone saying, “I wore Prada shoes yesterday.” SO WHAT? To […]

My Mother’s High Raw Transformation

I’ll never forget the day my brother told me my mother had only 2 years to live. The year was 2002, and my mother had just been diagnosed with Leukaemia after going through a bone marrow biopsy. This news came only months after my father passed away; in fact, we believe it was this event […]

The Truth about Nutrition

The other day I was reading a book with an introduction in which the author refers to the old saying, “Never talk about politics or religion.” He goes on to say that it should really be something like, “Never talk about politics, religion, or food,” since most people seem to have equally strong feelings and […]

3 Factors That Make People Fat

The other day I went for a run and I couldn’t help but notice how many overweight people there were.Obesity is the biggest epidemic of our time and it is getting worse, not better. In this article, I’ll tell you 3 factors why I think people gain weight… you may not hear this from the […]

Can a Low Fat Vegan Diet Help with Dementia and Alzheimer’s?

Can a Low Fat Vegan Diet Help with Dementia and Alzheimer’s

Let’s face it… Nobody likes getting sick, and I think one of the scariest diseases is cognitive decline. I can’t think of a worse condition than losing control of one-self, don’t you agree? While the most common forms of dementia are the result of aging, it can also occur in younger people. I have invested […]

Natural Health vs Medicine

I would like to take a moment to thank you all for the supportive messages I’ve received after sending the email regarding my mother’s recent accident. I am eternally grateful for your company and the good vibes. I have tried to reply to every email I have received. My mother is doing better, but we […]

The Deadliest Mistake Vegans Make

No matter what your reason for going vegan or vegetarian, it’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that just because you’re almost or entirely plant-based; it must mean you’re eating super-healthy. The science is clear: according to The Global Burden of Disease Study published in 2012 – which is the most comprehensive and […]

How to Deal With Covid Anxiety

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a major effect on our lives. Many of us are facing challenges that are stressful, overwhelming, and cause strong emotions. I had Covid in 2020, and even though I had 12 days with a fever and other symptoms, I managed to overcome the disease and get back to normal pretty […]