7 Years to Becoming a Nutrition Pro

7 Years to Becoming a Nutrition Pro

I often hear people saying:

“Yes, I was vegan for a month, and it didn’t work.”


“Oh, yes, I was vegan for a while.”

And you know what my response to those people is?


It’s the same as someone saying, “I wore Prada shoes yesterday.”


To those people, I would say, “FOOD IS FUEL, NOT FASHION.”

What you should be doing instead is trying to find out what the natural human diet is.

Just compare their story to my story: I independently researched nutrition for 10 years – yes, a decade of my life dedicated to learning about nutrition and natural health.

I obtained books from a variety of sources, not only from Amazon and other websites, but also in rare specialist nutrition shops in London and other cities. Did you know they exist?

I remember a small shop near Euston station in London; it was exciting to go there and explore, as it offered a wide variety of alternative nutrition materials.

I also spent many afternoons studying at the British Library in King’s Cross in London. I delved into numerous rare books, some so scarce that they were not listed on Amazon, particularly those addressing the psychology of addiction. I had to overcome multiple addictions simultaneously, and no single counselor could help me, so books became my salvation.

Studying nutrition for 10 years is truly something to boast about in contrast, and that is the difference between me and most people. The problem is, we live in a society full of ignorant and lazy people.

In the words of Dr. Herbert Shelton, it takes up to 7 years to study nutrition (the Natural Hygiene way). Not only does the majority of the work involve studying the science itself, but it also involves, regrettably, unlearning all the myths and misinformation we have been brainwashed into since birth: milk good for calcium, meat good for protein, and all the urban myths that have plagued society for decades. In Allen Carr’s books, he calls this “counter-brainwashing.”

It took me about six years to study specific health sciences, such as natural hygiene, which is wide and extensive, naturopathy, biology, psychology, etc. Additionally, I spent another four years studying politics, economics, and communication because, essentially, if you don’t understand politics, you can’t understand nutrition and health.

So, my advice to the many lazy and ignorant people out there who have an opinion on anything and everything (sadly, our society is full of them): get off your butts and do the necessary research. You will find the work more rewarding than continuing to talk rubbish on social media and looking stupid, for your own sake!

Incidentally, the ignorant and the narrow-minded are often the ones who pay the HIGHEST PRICE in society. They work their entire lives in a job they hate to pay their mortgage, and by the time they get to retire – and are meant to “enjoy” life, as they say – they get cancer or heart disease and die.

Does that sound like living a good life to you? Well, it doesn’t to me. But that’s often the outcome for people with narrow minds living average lives.