The Truth about Nutrition

The other day I was reading a book with an introduction in which the author refers to the old saying, “Never talk about politics or religion.”

He goes on to say that it should really be something like, “Never talk about politics, religion, or food,” since most people seem to have equally strong feelings and convictions about diet as they do about politics and religion.

I think the author is right. Diet, like politics and religion, is an incredibly divisive topic in our society. Don’t you agree?

The question we need to ask ourselves, however, is why?

I can understand why politics is divisive, because people often change their political views. I am a liberal and always have been, but my brother, for example, used to be more conservative and over the years he became more liberal. Many people find their political ideas shift over time and that’s fine.

Same goes for religion. I am not a religious person myself, but I respect other people’s choices. For example, my mother is very religious. Its okay to change your religion too, plenty of people do.

But why food is so divisive in our society, I don’t understand.

Let me give you an example: I have two beautiful cats, and I can assure you that cats don’t like fruit. The smell of oranges puts them right off. Every time my cats see me eating fruit, they stay out of my view. And that’s OK because cats are carnivorous and don’t eat fruit. There is not much to argue about there.

It’s not like one of my cats is going to wake up one day and think, “You know what? I feel like eating some lemons today.” That’s never going to happen, is it? Wild animals don’t change their diet. They eat according to their instincts and senses, and the food that nature intended for them.

Humans, like animals, have a natural diet. We eat fruits, vegetables, seeds, and nuts. We are frugivores. There is no argument about that for anyone who studies biology.

There are about 1,800,000 species in the world that eat raw food, but only one that eats cooked food. By the way, humans and the pets we feed (also with cooked food) are the only species that die mainly from diseases such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and a hundred others. Shocking, right?

It is important to note that Mother Nature, the intelligence that created us, is millions of times more intelligent than we are. We made iPhones and drones, and we think they are great. And they are. But the next time you are tempted to arrogantly think that we humans are so smart, you should look at a mosquito and think, will we (humans) ever be able to produce such an amazing creation? The answer is NO, NEVER! We cannot outsmart the intelligence that created us. It’s ridiculous to even think that!

Just as man will never be able to create a mosquito, we cannot improve on the food that Mother Nature has specifically created for us. And if you think we can, I guarantee, you’re going to get in a lot of trouble.

After studying natural health and nutrition for many years, it used to bother me why our society understands diet so poorly and why there is so much unnecessary suffering and disease, when most illnesses could easily be avoided if people knew exactly what to eat for their own health.

This quest led me to study politics, economics, communication, and other sciences for over 4 years. Not only have I studied the lives and work of all the hygienists themselves, (I even read the biography of Herbert Shelton, which was very interesting,) but I also studied the works of many other people who fought against the system, such as Noam Chomsky, Allen Carr, New York University Communication Professor, Neil Postman (who wrote some interesting books), and one of my favourite writers, the late American author, Gore Vidal, whose life’s work I studied extensively.
These are some of the causes why people are confused about nutrition:

  • Corrupt education system

They teach us polygonometry in school, which most people will never use in their daily lives, but they don’t teach us anything about health, money, or relationships. We leave school not knowing where our liver is or how to get a mortgage.

As the late British politician, Tony Benn, once said, “An educated, healthy, and confident nation is harder to govern,” which sheds a certain amount of light on this matter.

  • Corrupt politicians

When comparing writers to politicians, Gore Vidal once said: “You can’t be a writer and a politician, at least not a good writer. A writer must always tell the truth as he sees it. And the politician must never give the game away.”

Not all politicians are corrupt, of course.

  • Corrupted media

After all, media companies are owned by the same people who run Big Pharma and other corporations; which explains why you never see a discussion on any TV channel about why it is ILLEGAL to treat cancer with nutrition, for example. Awful, isn’t it?

Processed food makes money for the system, not raw food. And the dirtier you eat and the sicker you get, the more money they will make off you at every step of the way.

By the way, when I say “they” in this article, I want to make it clear that there is no grand conspiracy going on anywhere. The people in high power, the people who rule over us, they all think alike. That’s the way the world works.

If you think what you have read so far in this article is startling, try going through all the information I have learned after studying politics for so many years, you will not believe it.

The good news is that you can stick two fingers up to the system, like I have, not buy into their bullshit (pardon the word), eat the food that nature intended you to eat, avoid disease, and even cure yourself of illness. It’s that simple.

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  1. Hi Ariel,

    What a mess the human species has made of everything. I am in the healthcare field and see first hand people wanting their health to be governed by a pill and a diagnosis that excuses them from responsibility.
    I have spoken to many of them about how a healthy mostly raw diet will heal so many of their ails but they look at me like I’m an alien and how they love meat too much. I tell them it’s not just meat, but all the processed foods too. Still, they don’t care because there’s a pill for everything.

    Thank you for taking the time to write your thoughts on politics etc, I’m on an island in the state of Wyoming and it’s nice to read likeminded thoughts.

    To your health,


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