• How Do I Get The Healthy Mind And Body I Want

How Do I Get The Healthy Mind And Body I Want?

My readers often ask me: Ariel, besides your own books, what other books or programs would you recommend for someone who wants to transform their health?

I always say forget about trying to learn from YouTube or using social media to ask for help. It’s useless. If you are serious about your health, go straight to […]

  • My mother Ana in California, USA , aged 80

How a Raw Vegan Diet Helped My Mother Beat Leukaemia and Stay Cancer Free For 16 Years

I’ll never forget the day my brother told me my mother had only 2 years to live.

The year was 2002, and my mother had just been diagnosed with Leukaemia after gone through a bone marrow biopsy.

This news came only months after my father passed away; in fact, we believe it was this event that precipitated […]

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It Rejuvenates Your Brain, Heals Your Body

In over 10 years of writing and research on natural health, I’ve never found anything as powerful as fasting.

I’ve experimented with different fasts, both long and short. And they’ve all brought me tremendous health benefits.

No natural therapy has a more potent anti-inflammatory effect than fasting.

There’s so much hype in the natural health world, where words […]

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