How Do I Get The Healthy Mind And Body I Want?

My readers often ask me: Ariel, besides your own books, what other books or programs would you recommend for someone who wants to transform their health?

I always say forget about trying to learn from YouTube or using social media to ask for help. It’s useless. If you are serious about your health, go straight to the source to find a holistic health perspective where you can connect the dots.

Learning from books and program is the wisest move yon can make to get the health results you want, fast!

Here are some of the books and programs I recommend.


The Perfect Health Program

This is one of the most complete and advanced programs ever released in the raw food and natural health field.

It’s made up of 12 audio lectures that cover the specifics about diet and nutrition and everything else in between: fitness, emotional poise, sunshine, and sleep, among other topics.

You’ll find many great answers to difficult questions.


The Anti-Medicine: Eating to Live Without Disease

There are only two choices: “You can either learn how to take care of your health yourself or let others take care of it for you.”

Modern medicine is organized around the concept of dealing with crisis and managing chronic disease. It does a remarkable job with the former, such as saving someone’s life when they have a heart attack, but do a terrible job of managing the latter.

In the Anti-Medicine program, renowned French Hygienist, Albert Mosséri, goes through every main disease one by one and reveals the true cause behind it, while providing valuable drug-free treatment advice.

Mosséri’s unique experience from working with over 4000 people enabled him to discover powerful insights into natural healing and what form of eating is most conducive to good health.


The Greatest Cure on Earth

It has been proven that fasting can extend your life, boost your immune system, heal your body from many aches and pains, reverse more severe health conditions, and prevent you from terrible diseases.

Fasting is hugely beneficial in ways that we’re just beginning to understand.

“The Greatest Cure on Earth” includes exclusive content by the greatest minds on fasting, including Dr. Herbert Shelton, among many others.

Whether you need to take short or longer fasts, acquiring this knowledge is a must.

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