My Mother’s High Raw Transformation

I’ll never forget the day my brother told me my mother had only 2 years to live. The year was 2002, and my mother had just been diagnosed with Leukaemia after going through a bone marrow biopsy. This news came only months after my father passed away; in fact, we believe it was this event […]

What Causes Cancer?

What Causes Cancer

One of the most important lessons I’ve acquired over the many years of studying Natural Hygiene has to do with the cause of cancer. Once I knew how cancer originates and what can I do to prevent it (or heal it – in the case of helping others), I became less fearful of the disease. […]

My Opinion on “What The Health” as a Raw Foodist

What the Health is a 2017 documentary film that has people talking about the benefits of switching to a low fat, plant based diet. The film also critiques the health impact of meat and dairy product consumption, and questions the practices of the leading health and pharmaceutical organizations. Many of my readers have asked my […]

Study Finds Blood From Vegans Is More Protective Against Cancer

Study Finds Blood From Vegans Is More Protective Against Cancer

Some of you are already familiar with my story about how I helped my mother overcome cancer through a lifestyle change of mainly eating a mostly raw, and low fat vegan diet, so the news of this study doesn’t come as a total surprise to me, or to many of my colleagues in the natural health […]

Cooking Starches ‘Pose Cancer Risk’ (Official)

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) in the United Kingdom has launched a campaign this month calling people to ‘Go for Gold’. A reference to the advice that when frying, baking, toasting, or roasting starchy foods like potatoes, you should aim for a golden yellow colour (or lighter). The campaign aims to help people understand and […]

How A Raw Food Diet Helped Defeat My Mother’s Cancer

My studies of raw nutrition and natural health coincided with the advance of the internet. The internet has enabled me to be in touch with my mother, via Skype, two or three times a day for many years. I rate Skype highly because the quality of the sound and video is so good that it’s […]