How to Make the Perfect Salad WITHOUT A Recipe

I don’t often rely on recipes to make my salads. I find it much simpler to take whatever ingredients I have on hand and combine them using the 5 flavours guide. I do eat large green salads most evenings though; I combine them with most dinner meals, such as a raw burger, tortilla, wraps and […]

What I Eat In A Day (On A Raw Vegan Diet) – Day 3

Since I started my journey into raw foods I have noticed something quite unique… I thought everyone eating the same low fat, raw food diet will follow a similar standard of meals, but that turned out not to be the case. People have very different approaches on how they eat. On one hand, I see […]

Delicious Coconut Pumpkin Parfait Recipe

This is a lovely oil-free recipe creation by guest chef Yukiko Artis. Doesn’t look amazing? It tastes incredible too! * Amount can be adjusted depending on ripeness of the ingredients and your container size. * Required tools: Measuring Spoons, Chef Knife/Ceramic Knife, Cutting Board, High-speed Blender, Glass Jar(2) Serves: 3 Ingredients: For Pumpkin Cream 1/2 […]