The Myth of the Mediterranean Diet

The Myth of the Mediterranean Diet

If there is one diet myth I am beyond tired of hearing about, it’s the so-called health benefits of a Mediterranean diet. It might sound a bit outrageous at first, but please hear me out on this. I don’t think that the Mediterranean diet is particularly healthy. It is a little healthier than many other […]

Is It Possible To Get Too Much Nutrition?

There is a big misconception in the world of nutrition: that more is better. Are you getting enough protein? Worrying about deficiencies? It seems like we all want to eat more and more of things, when in reality, that is not how it works. “More” simply does NOT equate with “better” in the realm of […]

The Truth about Nutrition

The other day I was reading a book with an introduction in which the author refers to the old saying, “Never talk about politics or religion.” He goes on to say that it should really be something like, “Never talk about politics, religion, or food,” since most people seem to have equally strong feelings and […]