YouTube’s On Going Vegan Soap Opera – A Waste of Your Time?

Autumn sees yet another YouTube vegan/raw food drama-fest. Even as a newcomer, I can see the absurdity of constantly reacting to each others’ videos.

One of my readers, Jess, sent me an email asking:

“Hi Ariel,

Have you responded to all of the raw vegan YouTube channels that have come forward recently stating that the raw diet ruined their health?

I assume they may have gone about it the wrong way, but I figured you might have written a response about this already.


Thanks Jess. Well, I haven’t written a response yet because I am not really part of this circus, but I will give my honest opinion.

Since I’ve been in the raw food / vegan movement for over a decade, I actually know most of the YouTubers playing this game.

In truth, I don’t think anybody interested in improving their health and diet should use YouTube when looking for researched health information, and if you do, you should not spend more than 5% of your research time on this platform.

Changing your diet to raw foods and improving your health through natural health means studying biology.

So, think about it… how would you go about taking on a biology course? Would you go to Facebook or YouTube? Of course not! You may find that watching some videos may be helpful, but for the most part, you would have to read the right biology books and material and put in the necessary hours to study them, right?

Well… nutrition IS biology!

This is why most people fail. They like the idea of benefiting by eating the right diet, but they are not prepared to put in the effort to learn nutrition properly and choose instead to use social media to try to educate themselves in a hurry, which inevitably leads to failure.

If changing my diet to raw foods was as simple as watching a few YouTube videos, one wonders why I had to spend 6 years studying natural health and nutrition? My library of health books alone exceeds 4,500 titles. I studied and researched as much as someone would to earn a PHD in Biology, to give you a rough idea.

Had I done what most people do and used Facebook or YouTube to improve my diet instead of studying textbooks and doing serious research, I doubt I’d be writing this article today, because I would have died a long time ago.

The problem is we live in a culture that emphasizes instant gratification, and people assume they can get away with learning just about anything through lazy means.

I know some people will call me arrogant after reading this article. I mean, how dare Ariel suggest people should read books to learn something?

The dumbing down of our culture is real and self-evident. This may come as shock to some, but YouTube and Facebook do NOT replace literature.

There are some decent YouTube channels offering quality, science-based health information, such as NutritionFacts, FoodnSport, as well as those folks who share their journey to raw foods with honesty and good intentions, but they are the exceptions, not the rule.

Most YouTube channels dedicated to vegan and raw food diets are nothing more than comedy (a nasty comedy), especially those inundated with stories of routinely slagging each other off. The fact these people constantly change their minds on such important health issues is further proof you should ignore them.

These folks (and I know some of them quite well) spend a great deal of time writing clickbait titles for their videos, creating controversies, putting out outrageous claims, arguing and fighting each other in order to get views and make money. Fame and money are the only game in town for them, so they relentlessly work on negative stories to get noticed.

Negatives stories and controversies will always get clicks and attention. It’s just the way it is, and you should be intelligent enough to see through it.

Worse still, through their endless search for fame and profits, these YouTubers actually succeed in confusing people further on important health issues; I doubt they care much though, as long as it pays.

Maybe some people enjoy watching this ongoing saga of YouTube drama, and I respect that; however we should not mix entertainment with education.

Some folks may think that they need to watch videos in order to get “motivated” before going on a diet. Well… let me tell you something: the best way to get “motivated” after adopting a new diet is by getting great results straight away, which is what happened to me and to most people who employ patience, and put in the necessary hours to research and study holistic nutrition properly.

I got amazing results within days of starting my raw food diet, which fired my enthusiasm through the roof. But good results only come by getting the right advice, and right advice only comes from applied wisdom, which inevitably comes from studying the right books and conducting proper research.

So, if you value your time and want quality health information that will have a profound, positive impact upon your life, I’d suggest you spend less time on Facebook, YouTube or Instagram and instead concentrate on studying.

You’ll end up with great health, peace of mind, happiness, and zero drama.

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2 Responses

  1. The drama is such a bore, whereas science and facts are fascinating. Thanks for mentioning NutritionFacts. I think it’s excellent. I’ll have to check out FoodnSport. In the meantime I’m using your recipes to try to improve my nutrition post-breast cancer. Thanks for sharing what you’ve learned.

  2. Needless to say, but you nailed it again. Keep up with the great work!

    PS It would be nice to watch your YouTube channel. I’m just saying… 😉