Why diets don’t work… And what does!

Today I want to tell you what happened to me every time I tried to lose weight in the past – before I discovered the raw food diet.

I remember vividly djing in London in the late 1990’s (usually with my top off, as nightclubs could get steamy hot), and looking fit was almost part of my job. People were staring at me in clubs, so I had to look good.

There were times when I put on weight so, in order to get back to fitness, I used to eat less.

What do you think the result was?

It was always the same; after choosing to eat less, I ended up looking gaunt and hollow cheeked!

Yes, my stomach used to shrink, but at what cost?

Going back to South America on holidays, with my family and friends commenting on how skinny I looked, wasn’t nice. Do you know what I mean? They weren’t being complimentary!

That is precisely what ALL fad diets do to you; they make you feel hungry and undernourished, and the result is malnutrition! It doesn’t matter what kind of diet you try, the result is always the same – failure!

I must emphasise that I use the word “diet” in this post not to describe the sum of the food consumed by an individual, but in its restrictive sense of “going on a diet” with the intention of losing weight.

Malnutrition is not the only consequence of going on a diet. All diets (such as WeightWatcher’s, Atkins, etc.) often result in stress because they rely on willpower. And as we know with all manner of willpower issues, sooner or later our resistance runs out and we’re off on a binge.

Diets too fail to address the emotional aspects of overeating; people often eat to deal with emotions and not because they’re hungry.

Conclusion: The main problem with all diets is the food itself!

By eating the correct raw foods I resolved the dilemma of a lifetime. I lost weight but I didn’t lose muscle tissue. For me, this was an astounding discovery.

Raw foods will supply your body with all of its dietary requirements, because raw fruits and vegetables are nutritionally dense foods.

There are no nutrient or vitamin deficiencies when you eat in this way, and you will not crave unhealthy foods, nor will you binge eat or develop any other eating disorder.

There are no calorie restrictions on a raw food diet, so you will never suffer because you’re not allowed to eat – you can eat as much as you want!

There is no looking gaunt and hollow cheeked; you will end up in fantastic shape with a perfectly nourished body.

Eat Better, Feel Better

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