Why Are We Listening To Lost Souls Giving Directions?

The twenty-eight year old had been going to the gym for four years before he finally went to a personal trainer and said, “Your machines don’t work. I’m no stronger than I was four years ago when I started training in this gym.”

The personal trainer agreed to review the young man’s training regimen and found the following:

  1. He went to the gym three times per week, usually, though sometimes there were gaps in his training.
  2. He performed stretching exercises every time he went to the gym.
  3. He spent the bulk of his time each visit on some type of cardio machine.
  4. Once per week he performed 100 “air” squats.
  5. Twice per week he performed a set of 100 incline pushups
  6. On every visit to the gym, he would use at least one of the different strength machines, doing 3 sets of 100 reps.

The personal trainer set him straight, saying, “Strength is measured as a “one rep maximum exertion,” and is trained using a very low rep range against a relatively (for your strength) very high resistance. You have done no strength training, therefore your strength has not improved.”

Coaches, guides, gurus, trainers, teachers, supervisors, advisors, mentors, and related job positions exist for the very good reason that people need and benefit from such services.

We cannot all be specialists in everything. Without some guidance, we will all too often fail in our endeavor, and that failure may at times be dangerous, and even deadly.

Case closed.

Have you heard about the meat-eating caribou? Me either. Caribou are not designed to catch, kill, and eat their prey.

Lions eat lion food, robins eat robin food, tuna eat tuna food, gazelle eat gazelle food. Each animal eats according to the dictates of its species.

Humans are not an exception to this biological rule. Humans do best with fruits and vegetables, and the minimal/optional use of nuts and or seeds. All animals eat their food raw, pretty much just the way they find it.

The longest lived peoples on the planet tend to eat a low fat, primarily vegan diet. A disproportionate majority of the world’s top athletes tend to eat a low fat, primarily vegan diet.

The healthiest humans on the planets are those that eat a low fat vegan diet. Health professionals from all fields promote the low fat vegan diet for recovery from all diseases. People from all walks of life are turning to veganism in droves.

What is newsworthy about some untrained person who tries their own version of a vegan diet and fails, especially someone who got little or no professional guidance?

The 80/10/10 Diet was written to highlight the value of eating a low fat, raw vegan diet. Not only are many of the benefits mentioned, the hazards of not doing so are also listed in the book. Many people have been successfully following the program for longer than thirty years. The premise of the book is that when you do not follow a low fat raw vegan diet, health must be compromised in some way. People prove the ineffectiveness of their own diet when their health fails.

Statistics have proven that meat eating compromises health, and generates the development of heart disease, cancer, and diabetes.

Doctors and nutritionists have repeatedly confirmed that all necessary nutrients are available in a vegan diet, with the exception of those that we produce ourselves from within our own bodies, such as taurine.

Meat provides roughly one hundred nutrients, while plants provide all of those plus several hundred thousand others. Perhaps a million people have seen the light, and gone vegan.

  1. We know that the adrenaline from animals is passed on to the consumer of said animals, and that the adrenaline rush indeed makes a person feel better for a while, though the secondary effect of all stimulation is sedation.
  2. We know that nutrients are obtained in minute quantities, and that our requirement for nutrients is often measured in units of micrograms per day.
  3. We know that all of the nutrients in animals are also supplied to us by plants.
  4. We know that people stop eating meat and switch to being vegan because vegan supplies a huge nutritional advantage.

Why do we faun over former vegans who include some small quantity of this or that animal product, claiming that it gave them some nutritional or health advantage, when we know this is not possible? These same people went vegan because of the health advantage, and now they go back to non-vegan because of the health advantage?

Do these folks live on some structure created by M. C. Escher, where you climb uphill around a building until you eventually get back to where you started, only to start all over again?

Are our memories so short that we do not remember that the reason we stopped eating meat was because it wasn’t giving us the health advantage we gained by going vegan, and that we went raw for the exact same reason?

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  1. Thank you both Ariel and Doug for this great article and reminder of such a common sense.