What I’ve Learned After 10 Years on a Raw Vegan Diet

It’s hard to believe, but it’s been already 10 years since I started on the natural health/raw food path!

In all honesty, I was not thinking about me or my health when I decided to go in this direction.

It was never my goal to try to live forever.

By the time I was 37 years of age, I had already lived a pretty intense and contented life; perhaps too contented.

Working as a DJ and music producer has been my absolute passion for most of my life, and I had been doing it, successfully, since I was a teenager.

The main reason why I took on the raw food and natural health path was because I was thinking about my mother.

She was diagnosed with leukaemia in 2001; she went through the standard cancer treatments for a few years, but her health was soon deteriorating.

Statistically speaking, the chances of surviving leukaemia and going on to live for five years for a woman of 65 years of age are 33%. My mother had cancer in 2001, which means that by 2006 her cancer would have recurred.

The thought of losing my mother from cancer was hard to contemplate at the time – especially after losing my father a year earlier, due to diabetes.

I figured out earlier on during my nutrition studies that eating the correct raw diet will help my mother fight her cancer, and this was the main reason why I found myself studying natural health and learning about this lifestyle.

If I expected to be successful in helping my mother to overcome cancer, there was one thing for certain I was going to get right: I had to lead by example.

I couldn’t tell my mother to eat a raw food diet while I was eating chips (French fries to my US friends), if you know what I mean?

So I studied like crazy, and I enjoyed it.

I remember living in Covent Garden in London while I researched and studied the vast area of nutritional science and natural health, and this was one of the happiest times in my life. I re-discovered a new passion for learning.

The experience with my mother thereafter has been amazing.

After following my advice for a few months, my mother managed to beat her cancer for good, and the doctor finally told her in 2012 that she no longer needed further blood tests as she was now cancer free.

Other aspects of my mother’s health also improved. She had her gallbladder removed when she was younger, and used to get sick when she ate most cooked food.

Unlike me, she stills eats some cooked food these days (strictly low fat vegan though), but she doesn’t get sick anymore, which goes to show how a low fat vegan diet can improve your overall digestion.

Her vision was also enhanced. My mother suffered from myopia during most of her life, which made her wear glasses in the past. Her near-sightedness is now considerable better, to the point of not needing to wear glasses any longer.

Most people who meet my mother these days cannot believe how a person of 80 years of age can look so healthy, and have so much vitality and keep saying to her, “I want to be like you when I am 80.”

Every time I see my mother enjoying herself and travelling the world (as she loves doing), it is a small reminder of how rewarding spending 6 years studying natural health has been for me.

My mother Ana in California, USA 2011, aged 7
My mother Ana in California, USA , aged 80

My personal journey to health was also highly rewarding. I implemented the same approach I used for my mother, and my health also flourished.

I healed myself of many ailments and diseases (as some of you already know), and I am healthier now than ever before.

I have to say that it’s quite natural to see people of my age (48) go in and out of hospital these days to be treated for various diseases while in contrast, I don’t know what it is like to stay in a hospital bed overnight. I’ve never done it in my life and I hope I never have to do it.

Some people have told me that eating a raw vegan diet has failed them, because they needed to go to the toilet more often, and that can be a logistical problem sometimes.

I can understand that. The truth is that by eating a diet of high water content food, you would need to go to the toilet more often. That’s the reality. Though it’s easily manageable for me, and I believe, for most people.

However, it’s small price to pay if you think about it, as by eating a raw diet you’ll have more energy overall, and save time because you won’t be sick for the most part (if you do it correctly).

After I launched my Nutrition Raw business however, things were not that easy. Why? Because I was promoting a health philosophy that goes against the mainstream medical treatment methodology.

And people have a lot of prejudices when it comes to things they don’t know, even if they never read a book in their lives.

They look at you weird when you think differently and worst of all, if they don’t like the message, they attack the messenger.

And that’s not everything; the saddest thing of all is that most people in this world don’t really have an open mind. And this was a big shock to me.

For a moment, I thought everyone else was like me, and had the same “eager to learn” and open-minded attitude. Ha-ha, I came soon to figure out that: Nope, no Ariel, most people aren’t like you.


A large majority of the world population are closed-minded by “belief”, “socioeconomic status”, “race”, “nationality”, and so many other reasons that completely impede them from seeking out the truth.

And as any reasonably intelligent person knows, people that aren’t open minded are the ones that pay the HIGHEST PRICE in society.

What’s the point of working your entire life in a job you half hate in order to pay your mortgage, and by the time you get to retire and you are meant to “enjoy” life – as they say – you get cancer and die?

Does that sound like a living a good life to you? Well, it doesn’t sound like living a good life to me. But that’s often the outcome of people with narrow minds living averages lives.

I am sorry if I sound so harsh, but that’s how I feel and unless people like me speak out, things will never change.

Open-mindedness provides you with a platform to build upon, piling one idea on top of another. It’s very hard to build on experiences without an open mind.

Every time you experience and try new things, it collectively adds up, strengthening the person you are and what you believe in.

Albert Einstein
Albert Einstein

Luckily, not everyone is narrow-minded. I get almost daily messages from my readers these days, with words of encouragement and positives vibes that really make my job worthwhile.

Health is the birth right of each individual, and is the result of your lifestyle choices and the environment.

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  1. Maureen muniak says:

    Fighting lupus at 70 years of age. Feeling so much better.

  2. Amazing story! So happy for both of you!

  3. Wow – yes your Mum looks just awesome, and happy! Thanks for sharing such wonderful advice and knowledge.

  4. Great Read! Go Raw Vegan

  5. Great article! Thanks for sharing such a motivating life journey and advice. Also, it has been proved that raw vegan diet are enriched in nutrient. Therefore, it has always been advised to go for RAW vegan.

  6. Samuel dudek says:

    You’re awesome ariel, and this is a great story. I cured my life long psioriosis and eczema by changing to a whole food plant based diet after trying absolutely everything. I’m sure going raw vegan would have even more beautiful benefits too.

    1. Ariel Belloso says:

      Thanks Samuel, best wishes. 🙂

  7. Have you got a book recommendation for a raw food diet please?