The WRONG Way to Eat Raw

The other day, I was visiting an organic food market in London and I noticed they had an entire section of prepared raw meals. In fact, they seemed to be actively promoting raw foods at this event.

It’s rather refreshing to find that the tide has changed so much in London. I started my raw food diet over 10 years ago when most people looked at me like if I was completely crazy. Even my Greek dentist used to ask me rather shocked: do you eat raw asparagus? LOL

These days it’s pretty much normal in London to know someone who eats a raw food diet, or at least, has heard of it.

While I champion the idea of having more raw food stores and raw food restaurants in town, my excitement quickly wore off upon closer inspection of what was on sale at this event.

The menu displayed some rather dodgy, unappetizing dehydrated crackers with suspicious-looking, high fat nut pâté, and a selection of salads that I would not touch with a ten-foot pole unless I was seriously starving.

I’m talking about a kale salad with nothing more than raw kale, oil, and lots of salt. Raw cauliflower with oil and some kind of curry dressing, julienned zucchini, again in some oily concoction, raw broccoli with another oil-based dressing, and so on.

Each and every dish turned off my appetite just by looking at it.

This is a perfect example of how NOT to eat raw.

Just drenching raw vegetables in an oily dressing does NOT make them healthy.

In fact, you would be far better off steaming and eating them as it is.

You cannot make a meal out of raw vegetables, oils, and raw crackers and expect to feel satisfied and sustained.

This is NOT the way to eat raw. Large amounts of fat consumed will automatically negate all possible benefits of eating raw, and the meal is so low in nutrients that you’ll be starving in less than an hour.

Here’s how I would do it:

If I was in charge of that menu, I would want a selection of raw foods that would be both appetizing and healthy.

First, I would feature giant bowls of fruit salad and cut up fruit, as well as green smoothies (which feature fruits and vegetables).

I would also have a section of low fat, strictly oil-free, “savoury” meals where only small amounts of nuts and seeds are used.

I would also have big prepared salads with plenty of greens, but instead of using oil, I would make sure that the only fats I use come from avocados or raw nuts and seeds.

I might have a few nut pâtés or nori rolls (raw vegan sushi), but I’d make sure my pâtés are fresh and not overly fatty. For example, I’d have a tasty almond-carrot pâté that is made with soaked almonds, raw carrots, and some seasonings.

I would avoid hard vegetables such as cauliflower or broccoli (or use them lightly) and instead feature plenty of tender greens, such as lettuce and celery.

A great dish could be raw vegan collard wraps with an avocado mayonnaise (a personal favourite in my household).

While my menu wouldn’t be entirely low fat, it would be so much better than the terrible recipes they featured at the market I visited. Instead of being 70% fat, it would be much closer to 30% fat, as long as enough fruit was on the menu.

The big problem in the raw food movement is the reliance upon using fat decreases one’s health and makes the food less appetizing. And not only that, eating fatty foods made you feel heavy and lethargic.

The trick is to increase the amount of fruit you consume and keep your diet low fat; stick to healthier fats, like avocados and raw nuts.

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11 Responses

  1. The trouble is there seems to be a strong movement in the health industry AGAINST consuming fruit. A fear of sugar led by famous health gurus.

  2. Sabra Travers says:

    Hello Ariel
    Iam still eating alot of raw foods daily at age 64 and feel remarkebly younger.
    I can do more activities and …because I eliminated butter, and replaced it with coconut oil, I have more mental clarity.
    I am grateful for all your wonderful information and salad dressing recipes.
    Keep up the good work!
    Sincerely yours,
    Sabra Travers

  3. Alena El-Deeb says:

    After having read this…I have to confess…absolutely truth!!!!I have experienced and still do the same situations…therefore I prefer to prepare my raw food in my kitchen and I know exactly how to do it,how to combine my live ingredients and be sure to get into my body nutrients in the right way.The most important to me is to prepare and eat only fresh fruits and vegetables,I do not store anything in the fridge,I buy the stuff and immediately use it on the same day.We get some more information from those who have been on raw longer time or the trustworthy sources…and now…which sources are the right sources is the problem…I would like to give advice…do not rely on all sources on the Internet and its raw food sources,because it is a mixture of confusing information in many cases…hard to find the right source…you need to be careful.I appreciate this article a lot,because it says a lot about truly raw food….Thank you so much.I have my group on FB called Raw food and Healthy vibrations and I have been a raw foodist for over four years….

  4. I run a 100% Raw and Vegan plant-based food trailer in Katy, TX.
    ( I even stopped using oil in my Marinara Sauce, so I completely agree with you! You have great ideas, the only problem that I see is the same one I encounter when people are not in the business and tell me “I would do this.” and “I would do that…”, but they don’t do it. Why not? Be proactive and put yourself out there with your ideas as a business!!! I’d patron your establishment for sure!!! ? There are ways to even change meals there! Have you met the Chef? Try sharing with them a better way to prepare without oil! ?

  5. Why do you say to limit broccoli and c/ flower?

  6. Hi, I tried 80/10/10 and eventually (8months) my blood sugar went out of control (200) after fruit meals. I kept trying and trying and couldn’t not succeed! What do you say to someone who’s very sensitive to any kind of sugar even when keeping your fats super low?

  7. What about apple cider vinegar as a dressing with Veganaise?

  8. Adding oil, especially coconut oils adds ZERO to health. 30% fat is not “low fat” as the SAD diet averages 30-35% fat.

  9. Georgina Seymour says:

    I like the sound of this way of eating and am needing advice as to the suitability for me as I’m having gall bladder taken out Wednesday 28th Nov. as I’ve had a handful of painful attacks over the years and the last one was extreme as bp 216 which was dangerous for ?? and stroke. Thanks for any advice you can give me. I’m 72 years of age.

  10. Rob Karson says:

    All of that packaging to make raw foods “convenient”is destroying the planet. No need to take healthy foods and dehydrate them and put them in a plastic clamshell container or bag. Dehydrate at home.

  11. Papanikolaou Paschalia says:

    Haha, loved the part with the Greek dentist…I am Greek and I am surprised that he did not send you to a priest to be exorcised when you told him about your raw diet:)))