The Raw Food Approach to Well-Being

At 37, my health almost collapsed. I had been in the music business, travelling the world playing gigs for over two decades, and my DJ lifestyle had taken a serious toll on my body – physically and emotionally.

I wasn’t only putting on extra weight, which I hated; I was also dealing with horrifying diseases, such as peripheral neuropathy and arteriosclerosis, both of which were debilitating to the point that even standing up became difficult.

I suffered from poor immunity, depression, severe gum disease, widespread joint and back pain, constant ear infections, and horrible digestive issues that made me so bloated that my usually flat tummy had become distended and almost unrecognizable over the years.

I was also a smoker, going through a packet of cigarettes a day, which didn’t help; I drank alcohol too and (often) did other drugs.

I remember thinking: Well Ariel, that’s it! Life is going to be rather miserable from now on, and I am going to have to deal with pain, doctors, and health troubles forever.

My future looked bleak, to say the least.

It was after seeing a dentist who advised I should quit smoking, in response to my worsening gum condition, that a friend of mine suggested that I read the book: Easy Way To Stop Smoking by Allen Carr.

While reading this book, I became aware of, and curious about, the approaches and philosophies employed by London author Allen Carr.

This interest led me to more research and to the discovery of hidden sciences that, to my complete shock, showed that the state and function of our health has almost nothing to do with what medicine or conventional wisdom has led us to believe.

I became so passionate about learning these issues that I left my 20+ year music career behind and dedicated myself to the study and further research natural health and nutrition.

Within a few weeks of implementing a simple “raw food approach”, as I call it, I lost 20 kilos (3.14 Stones) and my weight reverted back to my high school level of 67 kilos and has stayed there ever since.

I have recovered from ALL of the ailments and illnesses I suffered for many years without taking any medication or undergoing medical treatment of any kind!

How many people do you know that have overcome debilitating chronic diseases in a similar manner? Not many, right?

I’ve also stopped smoking and lost weight at the same time, something which most people find rather difficult to do.

And I can honestly say that at the age of 50, I feel more vibrant and energetic than ever before in my life.

As clearly shown in the pictures, my raw food transformation isn’t a fad diet. I look just as good at 50 years of age as I did when I was 40, proving my raw food approach not only works, but is sustainable.
As clearly shown in the pictures, my raw food transformation isn’t a fad diet. I look just as fit at 50 years of age as I did when I was 40, proving my raw food approach not only works, but is sustainable.

What Is A Raw Food Approach As Compared To A Fully Raw Diet?

It is simply wrong to think you need to eat 100% raw in order to gain all the benefits from raw vegan foods.

And if this was the case, I could never have made a successful transformation to raw foods as I did, because the idea of eating 100% raw from the start would have been totally impractical for me, and so too I believe, for most people trying to adopt this way of eating.

It took me 5 years to get to the point when my diet is 100% raw; nevertheless, I did start enjoying the benefits of raw foods much earlier in the process. You shouldn’t treat this diet like a race to perfection.

Perfection doesn’t exist!

Since I implemented the correct raw food approach, I noticed positive results in my well-being from day one.

Anybody who takes time to study health and nutrition understands that food is only one aspect of healthy living, there are other factors.

After all, foods DO NOT heal; it’s our bodies that heal.

A raw food approach consists in learning how to quit toxins that cause disease while adopting easy to implement habits that will boost your energy levels and improve digestion so you can start feeling a lot better straight away.

This is a complete different path than trying eating 100% raw from the start, mostly out of fanaticism and ignorance, and which never works in the long term.

My Mother’s Story

My mother was diagnosed with leukaemia in 2001. Her health quickly deteriorated – even after chemotherapy.

Statistically speaking, the chances of a woman of 65 years of age surviving leukaemia and going on to live for five years are 33%.

As I studied natural health and nutrition, and implemented changes to my diet, my mother also began to introduce the same changes to her diet.

Thanks to implementing a raw food approach my mother not only managed to beat leukaemia for good and was declared cancer free, 18 years have passed since!

At the age of 83, she is in almost perfect health!


My mother visiting California at 80.

Over the past 15 years, my mother has visited over 30 countries around the world, enjoying life with greater energy and vitality.

Does my mother eat 100% raw all the time? No, she doesn’t. Does it matter? Well… Not really. She does the best she can and it works out great for her. Wouldn’t you call hers a success story?

I am not saying that eating 100% raw isn’t fine or ideal in many cases, but this should not be your aim if you want to improve your health, feel awesome, and overcome chronic diseases, just like I, my mother, and so many others people around the world have done.

We are complex individuals living busy lives. We don’t want to add stress by adopting senseless restrictions to our diet without thinking over long term results.

We need enlightenment and feasible guidelines in order to allow us to eat, and feel, great!


Eat Better, Feel Better

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5 Responses

  1. I will definitely be trying the raw food diet. Very interesting and informative. Thank You

    1. Ariel Belloso says:

      Thank you 🙂

  2. You are very inspiring. I so appreciate your story. Both my parents died of cancer. Both fell off eating raw. I believe it was completely preventable. I have only gone whole food plant based oil free about eight weeks ago. I’m very optimistic. Thanks for the info!

    1. Ariel Belloso says:

      You are welcome! Thank you 🙂

  3. Hi Ariel. I’m been eating 100% raw since 1st September. So far I’m loving it (though I’ve had some detox symptoms which was to be expected). I’d like to ask two questions, it would be awesome if you could answer.
    1. Is eating 15% fats okay? Obviously healthy fats like avocado, raw tahini, nuts and seeds.

    2. Do you think I should try to keep myself 100% raw or (as you seem to imply in this article) adopt a more gradual approach. I’m not craving cooked foods – except for potatoes. I’d enjoy baked potatoes once a week or so for dinner. Would that be counterproductive, or would it be okay and even good for the transition? Thank you.