The Effect of the Raw Food Diet on Your Face

Today, I want to tell you a little story that filled me with curiosity for a long time.

Like most people, I had to deal with weight fluctuations throughout my life, which in most cases meant I had to lose extra fat.

Every time this would happen, I’d try various methods to try to lose weight; including numerous diet approaches…

The result? Always the same: I would end up gaunt and hollow cheeked; and I still could not get rid of the fat accumulated around my waist… so frustrating.

Obviously, I hated this look because my face would appear thin and bony and I looked sick; people kept asking whether I was all right.

In reality, I was only trying to lose weight, but I didn’t how to best go about it.

This dilemma of a lifetime was finally revealed to me when at the age of 37 and weighting 84 kilos / 185 lb. I decided to go on a raw food diet, whilst also following the teachings of the science of Natural Hygiene.

The result? Real success! I finally managed to lose the unwanted fat from my body, including belly fat; but without my face looking gaunt.

Nothing illustrates this point better than seeing an actual photo of my raw food transformation and the effect on my face…

The Effect of the Raw Food Diet on Your Face

As you can see on the pic on the right, after adopting the raw food diet; I lost a significant amount of weight. But my face doesn’t look angular, have sunken cheeks or unwanted fat; as happened with each one of my previous experiences.

To me, this was a revelation!

The answer is pretty simple. It’s impossible to look malnourished and sick on a high fruit, raw food diet since raw fruit and vegetables contain more nutrients and minerals (for a human diet) than any other food.

People have mentioned to me how they feel anxious about adopting a raw or mostly raw lifestyle, as they think they may lose too much weight… This also can be true.

You cannot expect to go from eating cheeseburgers and French fries to adopting a raw diet of melons, strawberries, and oranges; and expect your body to behave like clockwork. It doesn’t work like that. The human body is not a clock.

After adopting a raw or mostly raw diet, you would have gone through various detox symptoms and experienced a transition period where you may lose more weight than intended; this is normal in most cases.

As your body adapts to the new food and your metabolism stabilizes; you would put back the extra weight you lost very quickly.

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