How to Kill Your Food Cravings

One minute, you’re innocently going about your day – the next, you’re in the clutches of desire. Your object of lust: a chocolate cupcake or a piece of pizza. Next thing you know, you’re licking frosting off your fingers guiltily. What just happened? You were clobbered by a food craving. We have all been there. […]

7 Habits That Helped Me Lose 40 Pounds & Keep Them Off

Weight is a sensitive issue for most people. Only a small percentage of women in the western world say they are at their ideal weight – and most of those who aren’t blame their lack of willpower and the cost of healthy foods. Similarly, most men are frustrated by what they see on the scale; […]

Ever Crave Bread, Cheese or Pasta? Here’s Why…

Ever Crave Bread, Cheese or Pasta Here’s Why…

Every time I ask my readers what the most frustrating part of transitioning to eating a healthy raw diet is, the top answer is, cravings for unhealthy foods. I received an email from Anca that says: “Hi Ariel, Firstly let me thank you for all the info provided. It’s really useful and helpful to feel […]