People Are Scared Of The Raw Food Diet

This fact of modern life never fails to amuse me: it is totally acceptable and seems perfectly OK to eat a diet of atrocious burgers, chips and colas, but it is considered ‘strange’ and not OK to eat a diet of organic oranges and apples?

I hear what you are saying: I don’t eat fast food or drink sodas?? It doesn’t really matter, simply because eating any cooked food is of an equally atrocious behaviour.

It goes to show how the values of our society are inverted. A good friend of mine once said to me “I’ve just been to the doctor and he told me I was OK!” I was thinking to myself: What does the doctor know? In Natural Health, doctors are called allopath for a reason: they are trained to treat diseases, not to prevent them.

You may show no symptoms as of today, but there’s nothing doctors can do to prevent you from being sick tomorrow. Just another fine example of how much our society’s values are inverted: the medical profession’s only job is to treat symptoms by giving you deadly drugs. Nothing the doctor does will cure you because the cause of the disease still remains.

I have to keep emphasising that nothing will harm you if you eat raw food in a way that you won’t get sick; on the other hand, many bad things will happen to you if you stick to the traditional diet. Simply because it is eating most cooked food that makes you sick.

It freaks me out when people who know me think that I am on a mission to “transform them” to change to a raw food diet. As if I was into some kind of Raw Food crusade to transform the world. If this is what you think, you are completely wrong.

For the sake of this argument, consider this: maybe someone has already transformed you?? The truth is that you have been brainwashed since birth by tradition and commerce. We are not born to eat cooked food- have you ever seen a baby when they are first introduced to cooked food? They don’t like it. Watch the same baby eat fruit for the first time- they love it!

My only job is to guide the public back to nature and expose people to the best possible quality of life, all backed up by solid science and good old common sense.

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28 Responses

  1. Sylvius Shields says:

    I embarked on high fruit about two months ago and stuff that is coming out of my body is better than any science fiction!!! I’m going too keep going until I am completely cleared up and yes, I do believe I will know!!! And I will never go back because it feels soooooo good!!!!!

    1. Ariel Belloso says:

      Glad you are doing well. regards

  2. My husband and have been a vegetarian for 33 years and a vegan off and on throughout those years. I took a class on raw vegan but my husband didn’t like a lot of the recipes and has a bread addiction so I have been struggling with the diet. We eat only 75% raw and I am working on transitioning to total raw. We live in a very cold climate in Canada so crave warm foods in the winter. I know raw foods is the best diet for human beings, so that is what I am striving for but I want to make sure I am eating all the right foods. I only use coconut oil and olive oil and never buy packaged foods. We eat just fruits and vegetables and herbs.

  3. Rose-Marie Sorokin says:

    Totally agree with what you are writing Ariel. Yes I constantly get the reaction “what, you just eat raw food!!!?” “aww that must be so boring and restrictive”. No it is the way we were meant to eat!! It is not ‘normal’ to eat cooked food full of chemicals, additives and other junk. It puts a HUGE pressure on the body. And yes, most people think the doctor is ‘God’ and ‘knows everything’ (my doctor told me not to bother with any ‘extreme’ diets!!! I hear over and over). Strange how society has developed this way. Time to wake up!

    1. Ariel Belloso says:

      Thanks Rose, power to you. 🙂

  4. Mary Wright says:

    Yes I agree, when friends and family show their concern over my fully raw diet, telling me to be careful, “youre starving your body. You’ll get sick”
    I get more nutrition from my fully raw meal than they do from their whole days worth of junk food!
    They are brainwashed, and it baffles me that they still don’t, or won’t, accept what I’m teaching them.
    They continue to eat the S.A.D diet, and they continue to complain about being sick.
    I’d love them to just try it. I’ve seen huge changes in my body in just 1 month.
    And the food I eat tastes so good.
    All it takes is effort, determination and knowledge.
    And it is so worth it.
    I won’t give up teaching them, in the hope they will try it one day.

    1. Ariel Belloso says:

      Thanks for your comment. I appreciate. Regards

  5. ‘People Are Scared Of The Raw Food Diet’….because we are scared of less. Less stimuli for our senses, less entertainment through food and social eating, less dopamine when we get our food ‘reward’, less buffering to suppress our emotions, less control over what our future may look like.

    The mind may have no reference point of what is beyond ‘less’, or rather, an unknown void.
    It’s only through the experiencing of ‘less,’ that we learn that it’s actually more than we could have imagined, the void is where life breaths and pulsates, the unraveling of emotions are our chains becoming undone.
    We are wired to remain in the known, habit, structure, control. Raw food is a catalyst for healing on all levels of our being. Everything is interconnected and one change effects the whole.
    I am afraid of a raw food diet (still, after many years of eating mostly raw) because it stretches my capacity to grow and process emotions that are in motion through me.
    Beautiful changes happen when I eat 100% raw, and this conflicts with limiting beliefs of an older self.

    I’m afraid of reaching my fullest potential in this lifetime, and afraid that I wont. I’m afraid, I think people are afraid in general, especially to feel emotions.
    But when you see how a raw food diet and healthy lifestyle works, you see that it is life correcting itself, a body regenerating itself given the best circumstances and natural evolution taking place that is really nothing to do with the personality, with being afraid or not afraid.
    Rather, it requires a surrender, a step into an unknown.

    1. Ariel Belloso says:

      Thanks for the comment Niya.

  6. I’m on day 10 of being vegan. I am not fully raw, but I might get there. I was scared of being vegan just 10 short days ago. I kept thinking about the stuff I would miss like pizza and crap. I can confidently say now, I don’t miss it and if I am super hard up, I can always make a vegan alternative! That’s what I have learned the past 10 days is the plant based alternatives are easy, and taste really good! I made a homemade raw vegan cashew “cheese” sauce and it was to die for! Fear keeps us from trying new things. I’m glad I faced it and I am happier and better then yesterday, and I look forward to this lifestyle for the rest of my life.

    1. Ariel Belloso says:

      Nice one. It gets better. 🙂

  7. I brought up my children on raw food and I never had any problems with them eating. The only time they fussed was when I made a ‘special occasion’ effort with complex salads and cooked food. It really is the way to go with children as well as ourselves.

  8. Two things though. I do believe in raw as every other animal does not cook it’s food! but one.. fruit wasn’t everywhere like greens are, I can’t see the people before supermarkets having that much access to fruit, at least not the variety there is now. Greens maybe. Two, what about the fat soluble vitamins K2 and A (animal A) they say is a must for healthy teeth and bones?

    1. RAF’s @Emma. Raw goat butter has awesone Vitamin A.

      1. I believe that 🙂 I would like to stay raw vegan though.

  9. Dear Ariel,after having read your raw food lifestyle declaration,I decided to write my appreciation to you,because all the words,all your manifestation sounds like mine…Amazing indeed.I have been on a raw food and I am happy.I am another example and a good model of the healthy way of living.I wish I could meet you and talk a lot about the subject.My deep thanks to you.Alena Gabris.

    1. Ariel Belloso says:

      Thanks so much Alena. I appreciate you comment.
      Make sure you subscribe to my list so we stay in touch by email. 🙂
      Cheers. 🙂

  10. Gradwell Fisher says:

    I’ve been raw for a few months about 22 years go. It was a good time and I was prosperous in body, mind and spirit. How i dread the day I went back to cooked foods. The passed 22 years was just hell. Poor in body, mind and spirit and also material things. The side effects of my medication is worst than the actual ailments. I’ve vowed last night to go back to plant based and God willingly very soon to raw. I am 52 years old and believe there’s still a lot to live for. I’ve once tasted the Goodness.

    1. Ariel Belloso says:

      There’s a lot more to live after 52, absolutely. More power to you Gradwell. 🙂

  11. It’s so funny to walk on the street and gnow an apple and watch people’s reaction. Especially if you take one apple after another. I think they wouldn’t even notice if you walk in the street and eat a hamburger or fries, because that would just fall into their “normal” picture of the world. ?.

    But what I must confess is that it is really an above average task to find a partner. Men don’t want to “bother” and challenge themselves by daring to date a raw vegan. ?.

    Asema (Facebook follower).

  12. Another concern is that my always-clean-skin experiencing obnoxious pimples on the area of forehead that really bothers me, first of all because I never had them heaps (Australian slang: “a lot), not even when I was a teenager..?. That happened after my transition to raw vegan..If you could comment that would be awesome.

    …other than that, probably just a light craving of meat…probably because of my nomadic ancestry. Would be great if you write how to deal with it…

    Other that these, I feel great. I improved the way I feel and perceive the world.

    Thanks heaps for your support.
    Asema (FB friend).

  13. Debbie Smith says:

    I am new Raw vegan. 7 days and I already lost 10 pounds. I have been reading a lot. Are you saying it’s better to eat just fruits and no veggies?

  14. I couldn’t agree more. I just watched the documentary “food matters” and it’s like I had an ephiphany. I became vegan about 1 month ago, and I try to eat a mostly raw diet but I have a 3 year old who loves bread so I’m trying to ease into it. For the most part, I’d say 70%, we are now raw. The issue I’m finding now is this: how do I find a local farm that I can trust to treat the soil and produce the correct way to be sure we are getting everything we should be getting out of the food. Is there something I can look up?

  15. I love eating raw food. It’s keeps my physical & mental energy levels high.

  16. Hi ariel ,
    I have tried raw food many years ago and keep trying i consume lots of fruits and veggies but I dont.feel healthy at All .
    And i dont like to think much thats why sometime i grab any thing.and just eat …

  17. Im a vegan and I eat mainly raw, but becouse of the my job i live to bite during a hardworking day into a warm meal. And some culinary traditions are amaizing, like iranian rice and japanise miso and similar… They are thought thru. I tell my patients they should be more carefull what they put into. Their body and it does makes me angry that i dont have te time needed or the verbal skills to explain them the matter. Im sorry to say this, i do agree whit most of what was said in this article, but its poorly writen 🙂 there are to less facts, profs. I agree whit the Idea but to the customers that i treat as a massuse, i havent learnd anything 🙂 hope you find my coment constructive

    1. We have complicated food so much! What could be easier than grabbing a piece of fruit and eating it?

      I had previously tried transitioning to a traditional weston price style diet. It was so complicated and many times after all that effort my family would not eat it. After reading more and more about different diets I realized that fruits and vegetables are what every diet agrees is good for you. This led me to begin dropping meats and dairy out of my diet. I then started to clean up what I ate focusing on whole plant foods. I went through a short period of water fast to juice fast to raw food to vegan I am currently vegan, but hoping to work my way back to raw. Thanks for all your great information. I realiy. Enjoy reading your posts.