Know What to Eat (in 5 Easy Steps)

I have a friend in London who, every time he invited me to his house, used to say: you can eat this chocolate because it’s organic.

And no matter how often I subtly remind him: “because something is organic, it doesn’t mean is good for you.”

It’s a bit like injecting organic heroin or smoking organic cocaine, it doesn’t really make it better or healthier, does it? Consuming heroin and cocaine is still gonna hurt you – whether is organic or not.

This incident has reminded me of the short examination process I used to employ when deciding what food to eat at the early stages of transitioning to a raw food diet, and it was very effective – still is!

It will help you too.

When face up with a choice of a meal, ask yourself these set of questions, and in this order:

1- Is it vegan?
2- Is it whole food?
3- Is it low fat?
4- Is it raw?
5- Is it organic?

As you can see, organic is the last factor in deciding which foods to eat according to my method, not because eating organic isn’t important, but because I believe avoiding animal foods, extra fats, and processed foods will go further in achieving the level of health you desire.

You should also note that eating raw is at number 4 – which is in line with my teachings of adapting your body to eat a raw food diet at a slow, steady pace instead of trying to eat 100% raw from the word go – because, I believe it doesn’t work in the long term.

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2 Responses

  1. Hi -I’m new to your website. Can you discuss why cooked vegetables are not desirable to eat. I’m specifically interested in starches such as potatoes, rice, oatmeal which are not that palatable raw. I’ve become a “disciple” of Dr. McDougall’s Starch Solution, which has cured me of many ailments and allowed me to get off of BP meds. Why not cooked veggies and starches? Thanks in advance for your insights.

  2. Very helpful, thank you