Is It Healthy To Follow an Extreme Diet

Is It Healthy To Follow an Extreme Diet?

This fact about modern life never fails to amuse me: it is totally acceptable and is considered perfectly OK to eat a diet of atrocious cheese burgers, French fries, colas, and unnatural ice creams full of artificial ingredients, but it is considered ‘extreme’ to eat a diet of raw organic fruit and vegetables.

This shows clearly how the values of our society are inverted.

I was watching an interview with billionaire, Bill Gates, the other day. He was asked about Novak Djokovic’s stance on the pandemic, which Mr. Gates called “extreme”. Wow, let’s remind ourselves that Novak Djokovic wrote a best-selling book (which I read), in which he described his plant-based diet and approach to health as the main factor in becoming the #1 tennis player in the world, and possibly of all time (time will tell).

I suppose that Mr. Gates may also be correct in his assertion by indirectly admitting that a plant-based diet could give magnificently “extreme” results; as has been demonstrated in the case of Djokovic’s tennis performance.

A good friend of mine once said to me, “I’ve just been to the doctor and he told me I was OK!” I thought that was great, but wait… you may not show symptoms of illness today, but what makes you think you’ll still be fine tomorrow?

In Natural Health, doctors are called allopath for a reason: they are trained to treat diseases, not prevent them.

The best course of action is always to treat the “cause” of the disease and avoid getting sick, but unfortunately that is not how most of society acts; and it is not what medicine does either. Another aspect of our “healthcare” system that shows how many of our society’s values are wrong.

To make matters worse, most of the public is ignorant and brainwashed about what natural health sciences really mean, and in many cases, they describe them as “pseudo” sciences.

Yes, you heard that right; they consider any science that teaches healthy eating and disease prevention to be “quackery”.

I do not deny the existence of quackery and health gurus who lie to sell books. There are plenty of those out there; but calling biology “quackery” is quite another thing, and shows you how badly indoctrinated our societies have been about business, profit, and health issues; to the point that it affects your quality of life.

Healthy people don’t make money for the pharmaceutical industry, only sick people do, which explains many facts of modern life.

Do I think that following a raw plant-based diet, or as society calls it, “an extreme diet”, is good for you? Well… If an “extreme” diet of fruits and vegetables gives you those “extreme” great results, like keeping you disease free, out of hospitals, and becoming better at sports; I think most people will see it as a positive thing.

An unspoken fact – you won’t miss the taste of junk food after your taste buds adapt and change to eating healthy raw food.

But don’t expect MacDonald’s, Burger King, or Pepsi Cola to announce these human physiology facts any time soon…

Nor will you hear this information from your nutritionist or dietician, in part, because they have been educated and trained by the big corporate powers. This is the way our world (sadly) works!

Learning Natural Hygiene and the raw food diet has been one of the most rewarding things I have ever done in my life. Don’t miss the opportunity to learn more about this revolution in health that has the power to improve your life in unimaginable ways.

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5 Responses

  1. Thank you dear Ariel for yet another GREAT article! I enjoy reading your writings, so many thanks for all of your work and great way of thinking!

  2. Terry Murphy says:

    Great article. I do some raw but prefer my meals cooked. Been vegan for a year now. Been very healthy and have lots more get up and go. Thanks

  3. Another great article! Thank you! Please keep writing and promoting healthy lifestyle as people and our beautiful planet is in need!

  4. I’d rather not use the word “extreme”. The diet proposed by the raw eaters is like reverting to the pre-cooking days. Man used to feed like this for years before.

  5. Great concept Ariel,

    Before I read your article I imagined what I would have written for an article. And I also would have made out that the cooked food diets that people eat as extreme and absurd. I call what most people eat the Standard American Death Diet. And yes it is 100% extreme to put into your body anything and everything without considering if it’s even really food or edible by humans and health giving.

    Cheers and hello from,

    Roger Haeske
    The Eternal Teanajer