I’d Rather Die than Become Vegan

All too often, people fail to act in their own long-term interest, favouring present pleasure and using illogical statements to justify their decisions.

For instance, I’ve had people tell me they admire how I eat, but they say: “Ariel, I’d rather shave a decade off my lifespan and keep eating my meat.”

All too often I hear people say, “I’d rather die than become a vegan”.

I was watching a TV show the other day and I this famous English comedian said something like: “I won’t trade my pizza and booze to live an extra 10 years…”

And I was like: really?

I think these people are really unobservant, or are deluding themselves; because the last time I checked, the vast majority of the population who die in the Western world do not live in perfect health until they are 70, and die in their sleep; although sudden and unexpected heart attacks occur frequently.

Most people live in increasing discomfort, or even agony, during the final decades of their lives, kept uncomfortably alive by medications and machines.

One should ask, is this is a life worth living?

A case in point: look at the life of sporting legend, Diego Maradona, arguably the greatest soccer player of all time and one of the most famous people in the world – who died in 2020 at the young age of 60.

Wouldn’t you think this man would want to be alive today and enjoy the many fruits of his labour; while spending quality time with his children and family?

Unfortunately, his life choices in terms of diet and wellness were not guided by the principles of natural health; he let medical advice do the exact opposite in many cases.

I’m not suggesting that we shouldn’t listen to doctors, but when you need to lose weight, you need to change your diet instead of going through a gastric bypass operation, which is what Maradona did; among many other questionable health decisions he made throughout his life.

Maradona’s health choices sadly mirror what the rest of society is doing.

The truth is, by the late 30s, many people are already suffering from the onset of arthritis among other complications, taking medication for high blood pressure, dealing with addictions, and so on.

In the decades that followed, many develop type 2 diabetes, become overweight or obese, start taking even more medication and, in general, their lives are gradually shortened.

By the time they reach their 50s and 60s, it’s not uncommon for people to be battling cancer; as the flow of blood to their arteries is choked off by fatty plaques accumulated, one meal at a time.

It’s not long before rounds of chemotherapy or incredibly painful heart bypass surgery await, or, in the case of type two diabetics, limb removal and organ failure.

Anyone who has been through the pain of watching a disease-wasted relative battling to stay alive in a hospital knows how true this is.

People do not choose between a healthy life and another decade of life, but often choose a life of increasing discomfort followed by a final few years, or even decades, of horrendous suffering.

It was a blessing for me to discover the science of Natural Hygiene; an obscure health philosophy whose information is often suppressed by big business interests, both medical and industrial.

Before discovering the raw food diet at the age of 37, I had never tasted papayas, mango, durian, custard apple, dragon fruit, persimmon, fresh coconut water, and many other delicious fruits that I now consider some of the best foods around.

One may wonder what caused my change in taste.

Well, just look at babies, they all have one thing in common: they ALL love the taste of fruit!

Unfortunately, as babies grow up and are introduced to processed commercial foods, their original taste is altered by the addictive enhanced flavours of artificial foods and as a result, the youngsters begin to reject fruit, while starting to develop all the normal children’s diseases such as chicken pox, whooping cough, measles, mumps, rubella, rotavirus, flu, hepatitis b, and many more.

In my experience in the raw food scene for over 15 years, children who grow up on raw food diets do not usually suffer from these diseases. It is also highly notable that wild animals do not suffer from these conditions either, because they feed exclusively on raw foods.

To return to your natural taste, you need to counteract all the misinformation you have been indoctrinated with throughout your life and adopt the right natural health habits.

Learning to appreciate the natural flavours of raw foods and moving away from processed foods is one of the smartest decisions any human being can make, not only to regain health; but also to live life to the fullest in every sense of the word.

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4 Responses

  1. Julia Morgan says:

    Well said. Packed with wisdom. Thank you.

    1. Ariel Belloso says:

      Thanks Julia! Best wishes!

  2. Great article, I am always amazed how people feed their kids things out of packets, watching babies eating unhealthy food is the worst. I was told I was cruel for not giving my son sweets and ice-cream;s when he was a baby and kid, he still does not eat them, but does make frozen banana smoothies with only fruit and he has never been to a doctor and never gets sick, he is a 20 year old vegan, still working on him eating more raw food though.

    1. Ariel Belloso says:

      Thanks Linda, more power to you! x

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