Often, the first thing people ask for when they first attempt a raw food diet is recipes. Do you know what I mean? Have you heard of this before?

I even have celebrities bombarding my inbox on a regular basis asking, “Ariel, do you have any recipes?” Like if getting hold of good recipes was the secret to health and longevity. It isn’t!

Raw food recipes are important of course, but that is definitely not the first thing you should care about when you start this diet.

First, let me clarify that there are various types of raw food diets. The one I promote is the one backed up by the science of Orthopathy (otherwise known as Natural Hygiene) which is the low fat, plant based diet, which will give you the greatest results you are after.

So, these are some important things to remember:

  • Forget asking for recipes when you get started.
  • Forget the idea of eating 100% raw at the beginning. It’s not a race.
  • Focus on understanding the reasons why you should quit eating certain foods.

One of most important aspects of healthier eating is learning how to remove the bad stuff from your current diet first – and to understand why it is bad stuff.

Most of the time, It is NOT what you add to your diet that makes you healthier, but what you take out.

To give you an example, you can learn to prepare a raw pasta recipe where cooked pasta is replaced by using raw zucchini instead, but this raw recipe is not going to satisfy your desire for pasta because most people are addicted to grains. And it is consuming grains in the first place that creates the addiction.

A substitute for grains doesn’t exist, just like a substitute for nicotine doesn’t exist. Do you understand why learning a raw pasta recipe will not satisfy your craving for grains?

You will only improve your health and vitality when you understand how to get on top of grain addiction (which is not only pasta by the way, but also bread, pizza, rice, cereal, and so on…)

One of the easiest ways to overcome grain addiction is by switching to eating whole grains first, and then increasing the amount of fresh fruit you consume, while naturally decreasing your overall grain consumption until you eliminate them completely.

Consuming grains can deplete your body of important minerals and other nutrients; the same goes for dairy products. And for those of you who want proof on how damaging eating grains can be for your health, I’d recommend reading this book by Dr David Perlmutter. 

You will notice that, after you start removing the bad stuff from your diet, you will start getting healthier – and then it becomes much easier to increase the amount of raw food you eat.

As long as you eat a “low fat” whole food plant based diet – and you eat plenty of fresh fruit in the meantime, it doesn’t really matter what percentage of raw food you consume overall at the beginning.

Some people may be thinking: Ariel, one size does not fit all when it comes to different approaches to transitioning to a healthy diet; they are right. That’s why you need to learn the science behind it, so you can apply the knowledge to your unique situation. Let me explain:

I have a friend, Simon, who loves eating bacon; he doesn’t want it give it up even if he knows it’s not good for him. So in this case, it is essential that Simon learn food combining rules, so he can minimize the bad effects of eating bacon or other meats. For instance, by applying some combining rules, you’ll find out that meats digest better when you don’t combine them with complex carbs, such as bread or rice.

When you learn the facts behind why you should not eat some foods or what you can do to lessen the damage, it becomes much easier to eat and stay raw. These lessons will stay with you for a lifetime.

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Ariel Belloso

Ariel Belloso is a writer who transformed his health through the power of raw food. The former DJ and music producer's life changed forever in 2001, when his mother was diagnosed with leukaemia. Already a keen nutrition researcher, Ariel calculated that eating a raw, plant based diet could help his mother overcome her cancer. This became his motivation to learn more about natural health and the raw food lifestyle. Following her son's advice, not only did Ariel’s mother beat her cancer, she recently celebrated her 85th birthday! Using the knowledge gained from his years of ongoing study into natural health, Ariel has also managed to overcome several serious health issues himself, as well as helping many others regain their health and improve their quality of life. Ariel has written 5 books on the subject of natural health, nutrition, and fitness.

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