How to Boost Your Immune System during the Coronavirus Lockdown

Our immune system’s vital role is to defend our bodies against disease by fighting infections, such as coronavirus and others; hence it is vitally crucial we should take great care of it, especially right now.

Did you know that roughly 75% of your immune tissue is located in your digestive system? Amazing, right?

To stay healthy and prevent diseases, digestion needs to run smoothly, not only to overcome or prevent illnesses such as Coronavirus infections, but recent studies have shown that brain diseases such as Parkinson’s originates in the gut.

Digestive problems are easily avoided by learning food combining.

In essence, our digestive system works best when meals are simple and combinations are minimal.

The majority of meals eaten by people in the western world are not put together with digestion in mind, and in fact, are bound to cause problems.

The standard combination of a starch – like potatoes or pasta – and a protein – like meatballs or steak for instance – is a digestive disaster waiting to happen because they require conflicting digestive mediums to break them down.

Efficient digestion also has a notable influence on the body’s energy levels. By adopting compatible food combinations, the digestive task is lessened, allowing more energy for other activities, including healing.

I simplify below the most essential food combining rules for easy understanding:

1. Eat fruit with no other food, except green non-starchy vegetables

Examples for green non-starchy vegetables are celery, spinach, asparagus, broccoli, cucumber, lettuce, sprouts, collard greens, eggplant, etc. For clarification purposes, examples for starchy vegetables are carrot, beet, cauliflower, corn, zucchini, artichoke, etc.

If starch is combined with sugar, the starch is disguised, preventing the adaptation of the saliva to starch digestion. That is, the saliva will not contain the enzyme, salivary amylase, necessary for starch digestion.

Sugars also inhibit the secretion of gastric juice, interfering with protein digestion. If the fruit is detained in the stomach, fermentation follows.

2. Sugar and Fat combination (in large quantities)

Fats take a longer time to digest, while sugar (being any type such as fruits, dates or even refined sugar) tends to digest quickly.

When fats and sugars are mixed together in sufficient quantities, sugar will ferment; gas and bloating will occur among other symptoms.

The main issue here is QUANTITY!

Adding citrus dressings to your salads, when they contain some nuts or avocados, is OK, but don’t overdo it by pouring tons of olive oil on top. In fact, consuming oils are often a bloating culprit.

3. Eat protein foods and starch foods at separate meals.

This is the combination of cooked starch and proteins, so this one obviously doesn’t apply to raw food meals.

Starches such as cereal, bread, potatoes, pasta, rice, corn, legumes, squash, etc. should not be consumed at the same meal together with proteins, such as all flesh, nuts, seeds, milk, yogurt, cheese, eggs etc.

As stated earlier, salivary amylase is destroyed in the stomach in the presence of a highly acidic medium. Since protein digestion requires such a medium, this combination is best avoided.

Even though I cite some animal products on this article, I do so with the intention of helping folks to transition from S.A.D to vegan or raw vegan diets while lessening the burden of the digestive system at the same time.

4. Avoid Sugar and Starch

This mixture often leads to a lot of gas and fermentation among other complications and it’s usually experienced by eating some types of breads, pastries, cakes, cookies, etc. in large quantities.

As I stated previously, if starch is combined with sugar, the starch is disguised, preventing the adaptation of the saliva to starch digestion.


The idea behind many food combining rules is to simplify the digestive process by eating simpler meals.

It’s better to vary our diet from meal to meal, rather than get a lot of variety in a single meal.

As you learn more about food combining and eating simply, you’ll find that experiencing a “silent” digestion is often one of the best practices in order to achieve optimal health, and best of all, it’s also more enjoyable to eat this way.

We apply food combining rules to all of our recipes, which partly explains why so many folks experience such great healing benefits with raw foods.

To learn more about my raw food approach to wellbeing, check out the Raw Vitality starter Kit.

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