How Does Raw Food Coaching Work?

Back in 2005, my first thought after discovering natural health and the raw food diet was, “I wish I had a coach who can tell me exactly what I need to do”.

Why did I need a raw food coach? Because just about everything I thought I knew about nutrition was wrong!

We grow up believing that the food choices we make are the result of thousands of years of human wisdom, geared towards finding the best diet for us. But that is not how it works.

Commerce dictates what we eat, not human wisdom, and certainly not Mother Nature. Don’t get me wrong, I am all up for commerce but I am not up for getting cancer or any other disease as a consequence of the food I eat. Are you?

–  Have you ever wondered if it’s alright to drink cow’s milk? After all no other species on earth drinks the milk of another species. Why do we do it?

–  According to our anatomy, physiology and biology, we are not carnivorous. So why do we eat meat?

–  Why do we steal the eggs from chickens? Is that what nature intended us to do?

–  Why do we cook when no other animal on earth cooks?

–  We can’t neither chew nor digest raw grains. Are we really granivores?

–  Why do we add salt to our food when we know salt is poison?

I found the answers to all these questions and much more after I studied Natural Hygiene for 8 years. Human wisdom does exist but not in the form of mainstream nutrition, and in large part, not in the form of medicine either.

Fat Loss: The photo on the left was taken in 2006 when my weight was 84 kilos (185 lb). The photo on the right was taken in 2012 and I now weigh 67 Kilos (145 lb).
Fat Loss: The photo on the left was taken in 2006 when my weight was 84 kilos (185 lb). The photo on the right was taken in 2012 and I now weigh 67 Kilos (145 lb).

Mainstream nutrition, which is the Standard America Diet (SAD) most western people eat, is flawed! This is why we suffer from hundreds of diseases, all of them as a result of eating the wrong foods.

We are biologically adapted to eat a diet of raw fruit and vegetables, seeds and nuts, and nothing else. I haven’t invented this diet, Mother Nature did; and miracles happen when we obey the laws of nature, instead of fighting them.

Sadly in 2005, there was no raw food coach. The only credible and professional coach available in the entire world was Dr Douglas Graham. He charged $ 300 US dollars for a single consultation, so I had no choice but to study Natural Health and become a professional coach myself.

How can a raw food coach benefit you?

Raw nutrition is not about following a raw food chef and eating raw cheesecake instead of cooked cheesecake. A high fat raw recipe (which is what 99% of raw food websites in the world are about) is raw cuisine, not nutrition.

Raw nutrition is about learning how to eat properly combined raw food meals that optimise the digestion and assimilation of nutrients. This is one of the reasons that get you healthy.

You will also learn about how to effectively stop eating cooked, junk, processed and refined foods that make you sick, as well as how to successfully deal with many addictions by simply changing your diet.

For most people, raw nutrition is not about eating 100% raw but learning how to eat correctly, and massively improving your health and happiness as a result.

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