Do You Put Tomatoes In Your Salad?

I want to share a tip with you I learned a few years ago. It helped me greatly improve my digestion, especially whilst transitioning to a 100% raw food diet.

Putting tomatoes in your salad is perfectly fine as long as you eat green salads on their own.

Botanically speaking, tomato is a fruit. Therefore should be eaten alone or combined only with green, non-starchy vegetables such as lettuce, asparagus, cucumber, spinach and broccoli.

However, there is an issue when you eat tomatoes together with other foods such as bread and other grains, potatoes, meat, eggs and starchy vegetables (carrot, beet, cauliflower, corn, zucchini, artichoke, etc.).

Fruit is digested in the intestine and not in the stomach. Therefore, fruit should not be held up in the stomach to await the digestion of other foods. If fruit is stuck in the stomach, it will putrefy inside of you and you will gain less nutrition as well as less energy.

The lesson is simple. Eat tomatoes by themselves, or accompanied only by non-starchy vegetables.

If you choose to eat your salad together with bread, meats and other foods, make sure you only eat green salads and leave the tomatoes out.

Correct food combining is merely one aspect of raw nutrition and natural health. If you want to know more, click here

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