I’d like to bring your attention today to the concept of the “weak link” when discussing matters of health, because I believe that once you understand this idea, it can bring the most return in terms of health for the least amount of effort.

In most cases, the best way to improve your health is not necessarily about improving your diet, or starting an exercise program.

The best way to improve your health is to focus on the one area of your health that you’ve neglected the most.

In natural heath, it’s what we call, your “weak link” and this is really what’s holding you back.

There are many, many natural laws to which humans are subject. One of the laws is the Law of the Minimum, which says, “your health can only be as strong as your weakest link.”

By “weak link”, I mean it doesn’t matter how well you are doing with some individual aspects of your health, your overall wellbeing will depend upon those factors you haven’t paid enough attention to, which could as well be diet, lack of exercise, not getting enough rest and sleep, no enough exposure to sunlight and fresh air, lack of emotional poise, stress, relationship issues, self-love, purpose in life, or many other factors that may compromise achieving your health goals.

Just like a group of people can only walk as fast as the slowest person in the group, essentially your health cannot be stronger than its weakest link!

You can eat the most perfectly balanced raw food diet for instance, but if you aren’t getting enough sunlight, you’ll suffer from vitamin D deficiency, which could eventually derail your health to the point of killing you! So, you would not make yourself any favours by improving your existing diet if it’s good enough while other aspects of your health may not be as good and need more immediate attention.

The good news is that it’s relatively easy to improve your health by focusing on those weak links first, instead of just trying to improve the one area you’ve always paid enough attention to.

To give you an example, my weak link for many years has been controlling my anxiety and stress levels. And I believe that not being able to manage these symptoms correctly in the past caused unwanted health issues I had to deal with, but since I’ve been paying more attention to these matters, my health and vitality have improved noticeably.

You can do the same too, and focus on your “weak” areas more.

Here are some of them:

– Diet and nutrition: are you eating a simple, low-fat, raw vegan diet? Or, at least, mostly raw?
– Exercise: are you following a comprehensive fitness program?
– Rest: Do you have enough time for rest and relaxation?
– Sleep: are you getting enough sleep?
– Emotional Poise: are you striving for emotional balance?

Once you’re clear about what your weak link is and take action to perfect those errors, everything becomes easier and your goal of achieving optimal health becomes possible.

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Ariel Belloso

Ariel Belloso is an author and writer who transformed his health using the power of raw food. The former DJ and music producer’s life changed in 2001 when his mother was diagnosed with leukaemia. Already a keen student of nutrition, Ariel calculated that eating the correct raw diet could help his mother overcome her cancer. This became his motivation to learn more about natural health and the raw food lifestyle. Following her son's advice, not only did Ariel’s mother beat her cancer, she recently celebrated her 81st birthday! Using the knowledge gained from his years of ongoing study into natural health, Ariel has also managed to overcome some serious issues himself, as well as helping many others to regain their health and improve their quality of life. Ariel has written 4 books on the subject of natural health, nutrition and fitness.

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