Should You Eat Whole Grains?

I had a question come in from Glen, who purchased my program, Health For Life. Hi Ariel, I have read your book! Thought it was great! I was wondering about your thoughts on whole grains? As T. Colin Campbell at their site recommends whole grains… also seen other plant based doctors etc. recommending it… […]

Q&A #2: How to Beat Grain Addiction | Why You Crave Complex Carbs

Last week I launched a new series of Q&A emails where I answer questions from my readers and people seemed to be really enjoying receiving these emails, so I look forward to continuing! I received an email from Heidi that goes like this: “I’ve been attempting to go raw, but I get cravings that I […]

Q&A #1: Can You Eat Pasta On A Raw Diet?

Firstly, I’d like to thank my readers for all the questions and feedback I receive on a daily basis. I am overwhelmed with joy that I am able to help and inspire so many folks with my message and improve so many lives. I am always conscious of the job I do and I take […]