Can vegan diet cure allergies?

Have you experienced an allergic reaction while on a vegan diet? How did it compared to not eating vegan? Have you noticed any difference? My experience has been very positive.

Allergies have been increasing in prevalence in the general population over the past 20 years, the cause of which has been a subject of great debate. Let’s take a closer look at what science we have:

A paper published in the Journal of The American Medical Association in 1966 [1] described how the removal of dairy products from the diets led to improvements in recurrent congestion and bronchitis.

Researchers write:

“We have recently encountered four children whose predisposition to recurrent respiratory tract infections was relieved by the simple expedient of excluding cow’s milk and dairy products from their diets; each child had one parent with analogous if not identical symptoms, who likewise was completely cured when cow’s milk and dairy products were excluded from his or her diet. We think that this syndrome represents a relatively common problem, which is not usually recognized as such.”

Further studies analysed more directly the question of diet and allergies. A recent study on mice [2] shows that a high-fiber diet created significant differences among gut bacteria, immune system cells, and allergic reactions to food compared to a low-fiber diet.

Consuming lots of fiber keeps healthy bacteria in the gut happy, which helps keep the lining of the gut healthy, which in turn may lower the risk of allergic reactions.

Allergic diseases are characterized by inflammation. Antioxidant compounds combat inflammation.

Growing evidence shows that diets high in antioxidants (fruits, nuts, and vegetables) contribute in reducing symptoms of the allergic diseases of rhinitis, asthma, and eczema, as well as strengthen the immune system and improve overall health.

Most plant based doctors encourage patients to consume more fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds; and eliminate animal products, especially dairy, in order to improve their allergic symptoms.

I have a first-hand experience with allergies as all throughout my adult life I’ve been allergic to some kind of artificial sweetener found in diet sodas, specifically Diet Seven Up, and Diet Sprite; and other diet lemonades products alike. This was happening while I was eating a mostly vegetarian diet, by the way.

Every time I consumed one of these drinks, my allergic reaction was so bad that my face would massively swell and I couldn’t breathe. Each time, I had to rush to hospital to get a Dexamethasone injection or as otherwise I would have died within hours.

Years later, after changing my diet to raw vegan foods, I did experience an allergic reaction once after consuming a product containing stevia. It was a powder I bought at Hollands & Barrett’s shop in London. This time, the effect was notably different.

I did experience the itchy effect of my hands I have felt before, but the overall reaction was a lot milder, to the point of not needing an injection. I did go to hospital though, knowing how bad things had gotten in the past but doctors advised me to sit there without doing anything and wait until the effect have passed.

Obviously my raw vegan diet has had a positive effect on my immune system. I haven’t experienced any more serious allergic reactions. This is one more reason why I’m blessed to have discovered this diet.

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2 Responses

  1. Hi Ariel. I have had similar experiences in my life, but even after doing a vegetarian diet and after that a vegan diet for many many years I still had my allerigies. When I was younger I had a bout ten different allergies, and one of them was towards horses, which they say is the hardest to “get rid off” (cure). In my book you can’t cure anything, you can just make your body healthy and then it will deal with everything else as intended by nature.
    So my changes in diet did help, but only to a certain degree. So I tried (at that point) homeopathy, acupuncture, bach, hypnosis and many other “supplements and therapies” non of which “cured” my allergy. Eventually I found a breathing technique called Buteyko. I did as they explained and after 3 months even my horse allergy was gone to 99% and I could even be in a stable where the horses were and pet them. 3 months before this I could hardly not even be outside a stable in the fresh air without getting a strong allergy reaction.
    I continued to do these exercises for months and now it’s gone for good. And the thing is it’s working 100 % for everyone who does it, no matter diet! Diet helps a lot, very much, but it is still a part of a healthy lifestyle and not a cure to all and everything, but it sure does help!
    Thanks and keep up the good work!

  2. Chris Thomas says:

    I became vegetarian in 1973 and continued to suffer with lifelong asthma throughout that time.
    In 2016 I became vegan and my asthma disappeared within two weeks. I’ve not had to use inhalers or any other medication since.
    Dairy is, quite clearly, very scary, and far from being wholesome’, ‘fortifying’ etc, it’s the complete opposite.

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