A Broken Society (My Thoughts on the COVID-19 Outbreak)

Since the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, the world has begun changing rapidly— economically, ecologically, technologically, and socially.

I have never seen so many scared people before; I am sure I am not the only one to notice this. The sense of fear and panic in people’s faces puts me off from going out to shop for food.

Many people in the natural health field seem to have lost the plot. Some put out statements contradicting themselves from one day to the next, others are unusually quiet, other reacts nervously to events, and conspiracy theories are rife.

I think Covid-19 is a terrible disease. We all know someone who has died or has been affected by it and it’s very sad; but it is equally important to put things in perspective.

According to the medical community, most people who die from this disease have pre-existing physical conditions, sometimes chronic.

You also read the headlines: Healthy boy of 13 dies with virus. With no underlying health conditions. And I think: hold on a second, saying that someone does not have underlying health conditions doesn’t necessary mean they are healthy.

Health does not equate the absence of symptoms. You can be asymptomatic today and find out tomorrow you have cancer, when the cancer had been growing inside of you for many years, even decades.

A top politician goes into intensive care with coronavirus symptoms while a journalist from a credible news channel describes him as being “relatively healthy”. This politician in question – whom I am not going to name is 5’7, and weighs 16st (102 kilos).

Pardon me if I am wrong but I wouldn’t call someone who is clinically obese “relatively healthy”. I am a couple of years younger than this person, my height is also 5’7 and I weigh 10st (67 kilos). Hello?

I believe a large number of people are behaving irrationally and fear this disease disproportionately to other illnesses.

I agree with the authorities imposing lockdown measures as to not overrun healthcare systems. I have followed the rules, staying at home and so on.

But seeing people panicking about this disease totally freaks me out because I can think of literally hundreds of other diseases, which I am not going to name here, which would be much worse than Covid-19.

Just imagine you survive Covid-19, only to find out a few weeks later that you have Parkinson’s, or Alzheimer’s, or peripheral neuropathy, or cancer, or you suffer a fatal heart attack.

I don’t know you, but I am more aware of getting a stroke and being left paralysed for the rest of my life needing help to even going to the fecking toilet than getting Covid-19.

So, why exaggerate the dangers of this disease while not really doing anything to prevent others? This is what I don’t understand. Because if you analyse most people’s diet and lifestyle, they don’t act in ways to protect themselves from getting a stroke, cancer, or other life destroying illnesses. It’s a big party out there!

My view of health dramatically changed after I discovered Natural Hygiene because I understood there is a lot we can do to improve our diet and lifestyle in order to recover from, and prevent, diseases, without the need for medicine.

Diet and lifestyle may not be enough from preventing someone getting a virus, but it could certainly help with the recovery. Medical professionals would agree with this, in fact they do! That’s why doctors recommend staying fit and healthy before getting surgery, for instance.

I don’t mean I can’t get sick with COVID-19 and even die, who knows; but that’s not the point of this article. It is my basic understanding of natural health that helps me not be afraid, that’s all.

Being paralyzed by fear is not good for the immune system either.

Sadly, most people don’t want to take responsibility for their actions, they want to eat whatever they like, and behave however they do, and then expect a magic pill to cure their problems.

It is because of this human attitude that we are the mess that we are in. They blame the Chinese for eating bats while holding a chicken burger. After all, if the entire planet ate a plant-based diet in the first place, this pandemic, as well as others, would have probably never occurred.

Consider this: it has taken four billion years for our planet to evolve to its present state, but only in the last 150 years has technology exploded to its present level.

When history looks back on these years and see them in true perspective, what do you think the most significant event will be? The invention of the internal combustion engine? The internet? Television or smart phones? Putting a man on the moon? Or do you think that the most significant event would be that, in less than 150 years, the human race invented a number of ways to destroy what took four billion years to create and, even though the vast majority of us are fully aware of the dangers, so far we have failed to eliminate even one of them?

Perhaps I’m only looking at one side of the coin. I cannot deny the incredible advances that the human race has made in the field of medicine. In fact, I believe it is because the advances are so astonishing that we are blinded to the fact that the diseases they are attempting to cure are also the results of civilization.


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  1. Yes, the numbers are no different than the flu. Normally about 44 million impacted and 45,000 deaths – Just imagine if those numbers were put up on tally board day by day, we would all be panicked every flu season. They could instead focus on isolating and treating with care those at risk but they have created a global shutdown – purposely and for profit. 1/3rd of US will be on state aid. We will become a welfare state. All those not “too big to fail” will close their doors. This strategic shutdown will have horrific implications (and I don’t mean health-wise) for the 99% of us and the 1% will profit immensely and we will depend on them and be so grateful for their generous assistance.

  2. Spot on Ariel!! Couldn’t have said it better myself. It’s tough being around sad and depressed people. I continue to encourage people to make lifestyle changes. You never know when you will make a difference in someone’s life. This virus is a teachable moment for all of us. Keep sharing your story Ariel and keep being awesome:)

  3. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I am a raw vegan college professor and I can’t even say this kind of information to my students. Every semester I always try to bring in a section on healthy eating and food and I realize that I’m walking a tight line between offending people in my administration and enlightening a few is my open minded students. You’re absolutely spot-on about all of this pandemic stuff. I am astounded at people who would rather keep eating what they want to eat and get sick and take pills then pay attention to their actual health and the food that they eat. I am also surrounded by panic from the people here in the United States and it’s very difficult. The energy in this country is extremely dense. I really appreciate what you just wrote in this blog and I hope lots of people read it!

  4. Great article.

    Yap, blame a virus – a submicroscopic, non living entity – to kill the world, but make sure to put under the carpet the pollution – both outside the humans and inside the humans, 5G radiation, etc

    The media wants people to be afraid, so that they could generously offer their vaccines.

  5. I totally understand where you are coming from, people don’t realise that what they are eating for the most part is making them sick and slowly killing them, but I do think that this will turn around in the upcoming decades when people realise the magic pill doesn’t solve everything. (thanks to the net, peoples awareness and especially people like you who help educate us on eating healthy) . Thanks Ariel!

  6. James Adjei says:

    Man you are a direct on point, mankind has been fooled by the medical profession into believing that there are remedies for all ailments. They believe so much in the fact that whenever they are sick they can turn to the good old pharmaceutical drugs to come to their aid. They are completely ignorant of the fact that it is the body that heals itself and not the drugs. They eat everything that the advertisers will throw at them and they drink and dine as if there is no tomorrow.
    I think allopatic medicine is to blame for this. There is too much emphasis placed on curative medicine to the detriment of preventive medicine.

  7. charlotte clare says:

    Thanks for the sane comments, what I find hard to take apart from the panic is the meaness and lack of sense of humour plus the continuation of the media and supermarkets to promote a roasted lamb as a suitable meal in the midst of the madness, I am sure and so glad that many are are experiencing an awakening towards the plight of animals but I still can’t sit in my garden in the evening as the air is black with smoke from burning animal parts . I find this infinitely sad.

  8. Dawn Dakin says:

    Ariel, i agree with every word you say and have been thinking similar thoughts myself. thanks for sharing your rational thoughts. Blessings for staying healthy at this crazy time.

  9. Good Article. Definitely food for thought.

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