The Story of How I Became a Health Blogger

Today, I’m sharing a little bit more about my journey into raw food to help YOU can decide whether adopting a raw, plant based diet is right for you.

And in the midst of a global pandemic, it’s never been more urgent to do our best to keep our immunity strong.

At the age of 37, my health literally collapsed.

I had been in the music business, travelling the world playing gigs, for over two decades, and my DJ lifestyle had taken a serious toll on my body – physically and emotionally.

I wasn’t only putting on extra weight. I was also dealing with horrifying diseases, such as peripheral neuropathy and arteriosclerosis, both of which were debilitating to the point that even standing up became difficult.

I suffered from poor immunity, depression, severe gum disease, widespread joint and back pain, constant ear infections, and horrible digestive issues that made me so bloated that my usually flat tummy became distended and almost unrecognizable over the years.

I was also a smoker, going through a packet of cigarettes a day, which didn’t help; I drank alcohol too and (often) did other drugs.

I felt so distressed; I couldn’t get out of bed each morning if I didn’t take at least 4 Nurofen tablets.

Nurofen is a well-known anti- inflammatory drug sold in the UK which contains Ibuprofen as well as other drugs. Consuming these pills regularly is dangerous, let alone taking 4 (and sometimes 6) pills each morning for FOUR years.

I went to see a doctor on Harley Street in London to get some advice and he was alarmed by the state of my health. I remember thinking: Well Ariel, that’s it… Life is going to be miserable from now on, and I am going to have to deal with pain, doctors, disease, and health worries for the rest of my life.

My future looked bleak, to say the least.

The Discovery That Changed My Life

In response to my worsening gum condition, two different dentists mentioned I should quit smoking; it was then that a friend of mine suggested I should read the book: Easy Way To Stop Smoking by Allen Carr.

It was while reading this book that I became aware of, and curious about, the approaches and philosophies employed by Allen Carr.

This interest led me to more research and to the discovery of a hidden science that, to my complete shock, showed that the state and function of our health has almost nothing to do with what medicine and conventional wisdom has led us to believe.

The name of the science is Natural Hygiene.

I became so passionate about learning about this topic that I left my 20+ year music career and dedicated myself to the study and further research of natural health and nutrition.

Natural Hygiene has been known throughout history as the original science behind the raw food diet; which has helped millions of people regain their health. The modern founder of Natural Hygiene, Dr. Herbert Shelton, a prolific author, was also Mahatma Gandhi’s favourite doctor.

If you never heard of Natural Hygiene, you are not alone; restoring health through natural means makes plenty of sense, but not plenty of profit. In fact, this science is at odds with many other areas of health, which are very financially lucrative, such as the pharmaceutical business and the food industry.

The photo on the left was taken wheFat Loss: The photo on the left was taken when my weight was 84 kilos (185 lb). The photo on the right was taken 4 weeks later at 67 Kilos (145 lb, on a high carb, raw food diet.n my weight was 84 kilos (185 lb). The photo on the right was taken a few months later weighing 67 Kilos (145 lb).

My story of transformation, from 84 kilos (185 lb) to 67 Kilos (145 lb) in only a short few weeks, and where I stayed ever since.

Switching To a Raw Food Diet Gave Me a New Lease of Life

The effect of changing my diet to raw foods has been awe-inspiring.

Within a few weeks of implementing a simple “raw food approach”, as I call it, I lost 20 kilos (3.14 Stones) and my weight reverted back to my high school level of 67 kilos and has stayed there ever since.

I have recovered from ALL of the ailments and illnesses I suffered for many years, without taking medication or undergoing any medical treatment.

It is incredible how much suffering, pain, and disease I was able to avert by changing my diet to raw foods instead of going through the normal medical route of taking drugs and fighting symptoms, which is hardly ever the solution, since symptoms aren’t the disease, only manifestations of it.

I’ve also stopped smoking and quit all my addictions, while managing to lose weight simultaneously, something most people find impossible to accomplish.

I can honestly say that, at the age of 50, I feel more vibrant and energetic than ever before in my life.

What Is A “Raw Food Approach” As Compared To A Fully Raw Diet?

You don’t need to eat 100% raw in order to gain the many health benefits of raw foods.

If that were the case, I could never have made a successful transformation to raw foods as I did, because the idea of eating 100% raw from the start would have been totally impractical for me, and so too I believe for most people.

It took me 5 years to get to the point when my diet is 100% raw; nevertheless, I did start enjoying the benefits of raw foods much earlier in the process. In fact, you can benefits from this diet right away if you know what you are doing.

My mother (whom I’ve helped over the years with her diet) doesn’t eat 100% raw, she is not even 100% plant based, but thanks to following the same “raw food approach” as I did, she managed to beat leukaemia and stay cancer free for nearly 20 years.

She is 84 and in almost perfect health!


It became obvious to me I needed to find a way to spread these teachings… so, I created my website, Nutrition Raw.

Even if my main focus is health and nutrition; I take equal interest in other branches of science, such as biology, chemistry, psychology, history of medicine, and even politics and economics.

I believe it’s impossible to understand human behaviour and improve one’s health without taking a holistic approach, and to recognise the powers by which our society is governed.

The ultimate goal of my work is to present you with the truth, as I see it, so you can avoid all the confusing and conflicting nutritional advice data out there, and take firm action that will improve your health, and the health of your loved ones, in the most rapid manner, just like I did.

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