The Eating Disorder of a Famous Pop Star

The other night, I was watching a documentary of a singer from the 1990s, whose music I know well and like.

She is a massively successful singer, who talked about, among other things, how she has suffered from an eating disorder for the better part of 30 years, and still does even today.

Obviously, I prefer not to name this singer out of respect, but there is an important lesson here I want to share with you regarding eating disorders.

In the film, she mentions that she has been in constant therapy for 3 decades, dealing with her eating disorder, which clearly, seeing how she continues to suffer deeply from the issue today, she has not been able to resolve.

She is not alone. Over 30 million Americans will suffer from a diagnosed eating disorder in their lifetime, and that is only the surface; I believe many more people constantly struggle with some type of food and substance addiction.

I’m sure money is not an obstacle for her, considering the level of her success. So, why can’t she find “experts” to help her with her eating disorder? Which begs the question: what’s wrong with the mainstream nutritional advice?

Although we have more registered dietitians and nutritionists than ever – I mean people who proudly hang their college diplomas on their office wall – we can clearly see that their message is failing. People continue to struggle with food addiction everyday, and we have a worldwide obesity epidemic that is spinning completely out of control.

One may ask, if these “nutrition professionals”, as they like to call themselves, are experts in their field, why can’t they find the solution to these basic eating problems?

Part of the answer lies in the fact that nutritionists and dietitians study courses designed by the junk food industry and Big Pharma itself, which means that it is not in the financial interest of these industries to promote healing raw, plant-based diets, since A) there is no money to be made from selling fresh, raw fruits and vegetables, as the food industry makes its profits from “value added” to commodities such as grains and milk; and B) pharmaceutical companies are not interested in getting people healthy by natural means. Remember, keeping people sick is what keeps Big Pharma in business.

Do you realize that the system is corrupt and rigged in the favour of large corporations with their never-ending quest for greed, money, and profits? This is not new; it started over 100 years ago, when medicine began its monopoly on health. If you’d like to learn more, check out my book, Health For Life, where I go into more detail.

That’s why I’ve spent many years studying health and nutrition independently, and how I’ve achieved such amazing results with my diet and overall health.

The good news is that you can do the same: turn your back on the establishment, and learn nutrition through books and other independent media sources.

Is it possible to have an eating disorder if you eat apples, bananas, and all the simple, raw foods that Mother Nature has intended for human consumption? The answer is no, a fact that also explains why wild animals that feed exclusively on raw foods are never overweight or suffer from eating disorders.

Eating disorders exist, but they are not a character flaw, or if they were, this singer who has spent the last 30 years going through numerous and expensive therapies would have solved her problem by now.

When a baby is born, it does not have any personality defects that will make it addicted to food, drugs, or tobacco. It is the consumption of these substances in the first place that creates the addiction.

Have you noticed that all babies love fruit and hate cooked food when they are first introduced to it, just like people hate the taste of their first cigarette? The same can be said of alcohol, caffeine, and other toxic substances.

You will notice that the substances we have to “acquire a taste for” are invariably toxic; acquiring a taste is nothing more than building immunity to a foul-tasting poison.

I bet if this singer starts eating a raw, plant-based diet; our natural diet; her eating disorder problems will disappear almost overnight.

This is an approach to addiction that has never been fully understood by the mainstream, which is one of the reasons why their advice continues to fail people, while the world continues to get fatter.

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One Response

  1. Sorry, Ariel..this is incorrect. You state that it’s not possible to suffer from ED’s if you eat natural foods from nature. I’m a prime example that you can suffer with an ED(‘s) for many years, even if you go raw vegan or eat a high raw diet with minimal processed foods. Eating disorders are mental illnesses. Eating raw vegan or plant-based doesn’t eradicate the illness. That’s just ignorant. Many vegans and even raw vegans suffer from anorexia, bulimia and BED, for example. They either use their diet to hide their illness or they’re able to (like me), eat a compassionate diet because they put ethics FIRST..yet their eating “style” does not eliminate the mental and emotional reasons for their ED’s. Please educate yourself before you make these type of damaging statements. Thank you.