I Had Covid-19 As A Raw Vegan. This Is What Happened

I woke up in the middle of night on Thursday 14th October with a temperature of 37.5°C, sweating and shaking with chills. At that point, I didn’t know what I was suffering from, but it felt more like a viral infection than bacterial, and hence being in the middle of night, I decided to stay in bed.

The first two days of being sick I suffered from intense fatigue, but not muscle pain, which left me doubting whether I actually had coronavirus. The intense fatigue stopped after the 3rd day. I did keep some overall fatigue and felt tired afterwards, but only mildly.

After seeing a doctor on the fourth day and getting tested, I found I was suffering from Covid-19.

My main Covid-19 symptom was “prolonged fever”, which continued for 12 days, with temperatures oscillating between 37 and 38. I didn’t lose my sense of taste or smell, but they were altered to the point that all food tasted, and smelled, weird.

After confirming I had coronavirus, I decided the best course of action was to stay in bed, rest, and water fast, which is what I did.

I didn’t eat anything for nearly two weeks and I drank only water; 2 litres a day on average, which equals to eight 8-ounce glasses, or half a gallon.

I went for further blood tests and a chest x-ray, which came out normal; my doctor was especially pleased to see that the state of my lungs was perfect and I had good kidney function.

2 weeks after my first coronavirus symptoms appeared, I managed to fully recover from the illness.

My thoughts on the disease

Some people may be wondering how someone so healthy, who eats a raw food diet, and lives a hygienic lifestyle, could be affected by Covid. Why I wasn’t able to avoid symptoms altogether?

It is true that being asymptomatic or having lesser Covid-19 symptoms would have been an ideal outcome, but that wasn’t the case for me.

I am grateful that I was able to overcome this illness without being hospitalised or having developed the worst symptoms.

Many other people aren’t as lucky as I have been; and it is to those people, and their families, that my thoughts and heart go out.

I have been eating a raw food diet and living a hygienic lifestyle since I learned about this science back in 2008, but that wasn’t always the case.

Prior to 2008, I spent 20 years as a globetrotting DJ, as some of you know, smoking a pack of cigarettes a day, drinking alcohol, and taking drugs in pretty much every country I have visited, which is more than 50 at last count.

It is astonishing what a self-destructive attitude I had when it came to drugs and inflicting harm to my body; sometimes, I am amazed I managed to survive those years at all.

Was it nice having to bear 12 days of coronavirus fever while feeling like s**t? No, it was bad. I felt rough most of the time and I wished I didn’t have to go through it, but I honestly think that the reason I didn’t develop any respiratory complications from Covid-19 (I didn’t have a cough or other symptoms throughout my illness) is because I adopted a Hygienic, raw food lifestyle when I did.

Fighting a disease like Covid is when you are at your weakest, when you feel the battle between your immune system against the virus. It is at this critical moment when one reflects on the importance of the work I have done over the years in looking after my health. This is when all that effort pays off.

There is no doubt in my mind that had I not had the strength and nutrients that a raw food diet provides, I would not have survived this illness in the way I did; especially considering all the self-harm I inflicted upon myself for so long.

I also think that my decision to water fast, as advised by Natural Hygiene, and to stay calm, was the correct course of action in order to not become dehydrated and further aid my immune system.

Covid-19 is a horrible disease, so much worse than the average flu; hence why everyone should treat this illness with utmost care.

If you have been following my articles then you know that I have been writing about Covid -19 quite a bit this year; after experiencing the disease myself, my opinion has not changed, only strengthened.

The most important action anyone can take “internally” in order to fight this disease is to make sure you improve your immune system and overall health.

We are going through the midst of the worst pandemic our generation has ever known, but potentially worse diseases, such as cancer and heart disease, are still out there and will not go away, which is why I believe it’s essential we adopt a holistic approach to health and well-being, which will not only help us to fight coronavirus but also the other diseases we face.

These actions include:

– Eating a raw, or mostly raw plant based diet.
– Keep overall fat levels at around 10% (as percentage of calories). This is over days, weeks, months, etc.
– Stay away from processed and refined food.
– Stay active. It’s impossible to be healthy and fight disease without daily exercise.
– Emotional poise.
– Water fast for optimal health.

Knowledge is power!

Stay empowered, stay strong!

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12 Responses

  1. Thank G-d you are well. I bought your programs. And, like many other people tried other diets for a raw diet. I’m back with your diet what I learned from your plan more energy and healthy weight loss. I’m 62 years young and also your Mom’s story was very inspirational.
    Thankful for you

    1. Ariel Belloso says:

      Thanks Hedy, more power to you! 🙂

  2. Sorry you got so sick. So glad you are well again amigo! Big love from UK

    1. Ariel Belloso says:

      Thanks Bee. Big love ??

  3. Hi Ariel, sorry you had to go through that, but I am curious about your vitamin D levels and did you take any supplements?

    1. Ariel Belloso says:

      Thanks Mario, my vitamin D levels are fine, I didn’t take any supplement.

  4. Frederic Patenaude says:

    Glad to hear that you’re feeling better! It’s seems like a very good outcome. Although some people are asymptomatic, it may be due to their level of exposure to the virus rather than any superior state of health. Just the fact that you didn’t suffer any lung problems is fantastic. It’s interesting that your fever didn’t go above 38 degrees. One of the advantages of having a lower body temperature to start with (Your normal is probably 36.5?)

    1. Ariel Belloso says:

      Thanks Frederic! 🙂

  5. Thank you Ariel for sharing this experience and for taking such an intelligent NH appriach and spreading the message.

    We are all glad you are fine!

    1. Ariel Belloso says:

      Thanks Marina!

  6. Why did you opt for a water only diet ? …..nearly 2 weeks is a long time not to eat food….

    1. Ariel Belloso says:

      Hi Susan, I fasted in order to save up energy and allow the body to heal. Thank you

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