Consultation with Ariel Belloso: £100 (Approx. $130 US)

Get Your Questions about the Raw Food Diet and
Natural Health Answered Personally!

Sometimes we have questions which cannot be addressed in a generic form, such as how a specific health condition may be affected by a change in diet. This lack of knowledge can prohibit us from feeling confident in a dietary switch.

Similarly, if you have issues with food cravings or addictions such as smoking, alcohol or any other substance, Ariel can help you overcome them without the need for rehab or a 12-Step recovery program.

Ariel has researched the vast area of Holistic Nutrition and Natural Health for the past 10 years and has a library of over 9000 books. His studies have helped him transform his own health and those of friends, loved ones and many of his personal clients.

Send your question and Ariel will reply personally addressing your concerns.

£100 fee includes:

  • Comprehensive review and reply to question by Ariel Belloso, including any follow up points, clarifications, or requests for further information if necessary.
  • Ariel’s suggestions as to how best to move forward, which can include resources, product recommendations, and/or coaching.
  • If, after the consultation, you decide to move on to coaching, this consultation fee will be deducted from the coaching charge.