Why Do I Eat A Raw Food Diet? Should You Go On A Raw Food Diet?

A close friend of mine once asked me why I eat a raw food diet. That question has always stuck with me because it was a simple enough question, but it needed a good answer. Another friend recently told me that eating a raw food diet is a “hippie thing”. I can understand his views […]

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Can You Drink Alcohol On The Raw Food Diet?

A friend of mine in London recently asked me a question and I thought – after getting his OK; that I will share my reply with everyone else.

Here is what he said: “Hi Ariel. Hope you’re well. I know you’re very into your raw food diet and I’ve started – two weeks ago- blending raw […]

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Do You Put Tomatoes In Your Salad?

I want to share a tip with you I learned a few years ago. It helped me greatly improve my digestion, especially whilst transitioning to a 100% raw food diet.

Putting tomatoes in your salad is perfectly fine as long as you eat green salads on their own.

Botanically speaking, tomato is a fruit. Therefore should be […]

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Why diets don’t work… And what does!

Today I want to tell you what happened to me every time I tried to lose weight in the past – before I discovered the raw food diet.

I remember vividly djing in London in the late 1990’s (usually with my top off, as nightclubs could get steamy hot), and looking fit was almost part of […]

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