About David Klein

Dr. David Klein established the Colitis & Crohn’s Health Recovery Center in 1993, nine years after I permanently overcame eight ruinous years of advanced ulcerative colitis and poor digestion the all-natural way. Dr. Klein is also the director or Hua Nui and the Fruiticulture Institute, a Vibrant Health Living & Learning Center on Maui. http://www.fruiticulture.com
  • How_I_Overcame_Sever_Ulcerative_Colitis_by_Eating_a_Raw_Vegan_Diet

How I Overcame Sever Ulcerative Colitis by Eating a Raw Vegan Diet

My journey into the health education field began in 1975, when at age 17 my robust health began to gradually decline. A heavy eater of meat and junk food, my physical and mental energies deteriorated over a period of six months, then I experienced incessant diarrhea. After a few weeks of medical treatment, I showed […]