I have already written an article on this topic but I feel the need to expand further on this issue because there is still so much ignorance when it comes to raw foods and winter.

Especially those people who are new to the idea of eating a raw food diet. These are the folks who first think: how on earth can you eat raw foods when it is so cold outside?

Precisely and that’s the point. Do you know why these people think this way? Because they are seeing it from the perspective of a person who eats mainly cooked foods as their main diet and whose cells receive much less quality nutrition on a daily basis than those eating raw foods. Hence, they suffer winter’s temperatures more intensely.

Bear in mind that not all raw food diets are the same, but if you follow the high carb, low fat recommendations; this is what it will happen to you.

To summarize it, I’ll tell you some of my experience.

One of the first things you notice when you start eating a raw food diet is how the overall condition of your skin improves. Your skin will glow, like a baby’s. Friends will stop you on the streets telling you how fresh and revitalized you look.

The next thing you’ll notice is how your digestion improves, which means you won’t get sick as often, if at all, and you’ll find tons of energy you didn’t have before.

You may benefit from this new found strength by doing something else with your life, such as starting a new job, do more physical activity, take on new hobbies, and so on…

Something else you’ll notice is how quickly you will eliminate extra fat, especially from your face, which means you’ll start looking A LOT younger (up to 10 years younger I would say, if not more…)

Also, eating fresh raw foods instead of processed foods eliminates your body odours and bad breath almost completely, you will look and feel more attractive, which will undoubtedly impact your sex life and self-confidence positively.

You are getting all these benefits as I mentioned above, which by the way, are only a tiny sample of the many good things that will happen to you on a raw diet, as you improve all aspects of your life.

Are you thinking: “Oh, hold on a second; it’s too cold outside to eat raw food?”

Processed foods (cooked food in essence) are the culprit responsible for creating many of the problems in the first place – including contributing to feeling chilly at times.

I’ve been eating a raw food diet for over 10 years and not once did it EVER cross my mind to think I should be eating cooked foods in winter because it’s cold.

I don’t even feel the need to drink hot beverages to warm me up either. After all, what does our stomach has to do with weather conditions? Nothing.

On a raw diet, I suffer much less in the winter than I used to do while eating my previous S.A.D diet and the same can be said of summer, as I handle heat with much more tolerance as well.

If I feel cold at any time during winter months, I wear warmer clothes, have a hot bath, do a heavy workout session at the gym or go for a run, and I would recommend you to do the same.

I believe a similar outcome will be experienced by almost anyone else eating the same diet.


Eat Better, Feel Better

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Ariel Belloso

Ariel Belloso is an author and writer who transformed his health using the power of raw food. The former DJ and music producer’s life changed in 2001 when his mother was diagnosed with leukaemia. Already a keen student of nutrition, Ariel calculated that eating the correct raw diet could help his mother overcome her cancer. This became his motivation to learn more about natural health and the raw food lifestyle. Following her son's advice, not only did Ariel’s mother beat her cancer, she recently celebrated her 81st birthday! Using the knowledge gained from his years of ongoing study into natural health, Ariel has also managed to overcome some serious issues himself, as well as helping many others to regain their health and improve their quality of life. Ariel has written 4 books on the subject of natural health, nutrition and fitness.

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