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How To Start A Raw Food Diet (The Easy Way)

Often, the first thing people ask for when they first attempt a raw food diet is recipes. Do you know what I mean? Have you heard of this before?

I even have celebrities bombarding my inbox on a regular basis asking, “Ariel, do you have any recipes?” Like if getting hold of good recipes was the […]

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The 7 Deadliest Mistakes Made by Raw-Foodists

The raw food diet is one of the best ways to obtain a wide variety of dense nutrients and improve your health in many ways, whether you choose to eat all raw or even high raw.

But these days, many just watch a few episodes of a popular YouTube channel and decide to have a go […]

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The Panama Papers, Corruption and the State of Your Health

You are probably thinking: What is Ariel doing sending a newsletter out about the Panama Papers?

What does it have to do with the state of people’s health?

Over the past few months, you have seen the political establishment operating at a level of panic all over world, something we have rarely experienced in post-war history.

The Panama […]

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Why Eating A Raw Food Diet Will Not Change You

Sticking to healthy habits can be difficult; it doesn’t help when your commitment is met with verbal jabs and side-eyes.

Believe or not, there are plenty of people in our society who won’t regard seeing you change your diet and improving your health in any way as “positive”, because your actions will put a certain pressure […]

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How to Socialize and Still Eat Raw

Most people think that eating a raw food diet in social situations is difficult, and they are right.

Today, I want to share with you a letter I received from one of my readers.

She went through a situation that is incredibly similar to my own and many others.

At the end of this article, I will tell […]

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What I’ve Learned After 10 Years on a Raw Vegan Diet (Part 2)

One of my readers was so inspired after reading part 1 of this article that she sent me a message thanking me for it and telling me how intrigued she was to see what I was going to write in part 2. I thought it was quite funny.

If you read part 1 of this blog […]

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Why Do Most Raw Food Restaurants Fail?

I decided to write on this topic because it never ceases to amaze me how quickly new raw food restaurants go out of business. This phenomenon happens in almost every major city in the world, from New York to LA to London.

As soon as you hear about the opening of a brand new raw food […]

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What I Eat In A Typical Day (On A Raw Vegan Diet)

What I eat in a typical day is one of the questions many of my readers ask me.

I was going to wait until I launch my YouTube channel before I answered this question, but since that is going to take a while, I will do my best to answer the question in this post.

If you […]

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What I’ve Learned After 10 Years on a Raw Vegan Diet (Part 1)

It’s hard to believe, but it’s been already 10 years since I started on the natural health/raw food path!

In all honesty, I was not thinking about me or my health when I decided to go in this direction.

It was never my goal to try to live forever.

By the time I was 37 years of age, […]

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Why Willpower Fails You, And What to Do About It

Have you noticed how hard it is to change your habits through willpower alone?

Do you find it hard to put in practice the things you’ve accepted as true?

Let’s face it: most of us find it a real struggle to improve some aspects of our lifestyle, whether it is working out, eating right, giving up bad […]