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Ariel’s story

My background story is quite unusual from what you normally find in healthcare.

I was born in Argentina, and have been involved in the music business since I was very young.

I became a professional DJ by the age of 15; I was already playing to weekly crowds of thousands of people.

In 1991, at the age of 23, I decided to move to Europe and continue my career in music.

After living in Ibiza for a while, I relocated to London, where I have been living since.

I worked hard throughout the years, perfecting my DJ skills, and learning music production. My hard work paid off and by the late 1990’s, I was one of the biggest Djs in the world.

Playing Pacha, Buenos Aires

Playing Pacha, Buenos Aires

I sold over 2 million records and travelled the world intensively for over 2 decades; I performed in over 50 countries and in every continent – with the only exception being Antarctica.

I am grateful for my career in music. Throughout the years, it has allowed me to express my artistic endeavours to the fullest.

People from every race, colour, and gender have danced to my music; from the ghettos of South America to Beverly Hills and Miami, even in remote places like Vietnam.

I entertained a wide variety of people; from underground clubs to big music festivals, and I even played private parties for celebrities such as Jack Nicholson, Madonna, and Prince, among others.

Sadly, my health didn’t flourish as well as my music career, and by the age of 37, it started to deteriorate.

I had peripheral neuropathy, arteriosclerosis, allergies, gum disease, widespread joint and back pain, regular indigestion, dizziness, and ear infections that would last for months at the time.

But the state of my health wasn’t my only problem back then. In 2001, my mother was diagnosed with Leukaemia, and she underwent chemotherapy in 2003.

I will never forget the day my brother said to me: “Mum has two years left to live”. I felt dreadful. And this happened only two years after the death of my father from diabetes.

So what did I do? Was I content with medicine’s forecast and treatments?

Not really! Something inside of me told me that I should study and try to find a solution to my health issues and those of my love ones.

And so I did. For the next 8 years I dedicated most of time to research and study natural health and nutrition.

I was shocked to discover that the state and function of our health has almost nothing to do with what medicine or conventional wisdom has led us to believe.

Naturally, I started implementing everything I was learning and I became to heal myself.

trans-7 (reduced)

Fat Loss: The photo on the left was taken when my weight was 84 kilos (185 lb). The photo on the right was taken a few months later after adopting Health For Life. I now weigh 67 Kilos (145 lb).

There is nothing more beautiful than seeing your body rejuvenate itself. I fell in love with this feeling.

Thanks to my new diet, I today enjoy the most unimaginable level of good health and have more energy and vitality than I ever had.

I no longer suffer any of my previous ailments, nor take any medicines. After a life of extremes and excesses, I feel blessed to have healed myself in such a natural, but extraordinary way.

My Mother’s Story

My mother had cancer in 2001.

The chances of surviving leukaemia and going on to live for five years for a woman of 65 years of age are 33%, which means that by 2006, my mother’s cancer would have recurred.

Well, luckily, after following my dietary and lifestyle advice, my mother managed to beat her cancer, and she is going strong 17 years later, STILL cancer free. Not just that, she is 81 years of age and in almost perfect health, and she doesn’t even take medicines.

In the last 10 years, my mother used her time to travel to 25 countries around the world and interestingly, she kept eating the same new diet on all her trips without making any sacrifices.

My mother Ana in Las Vegas, USA, aged 80

My mother Ana in Las Vegas, USA, aged 80

Nothing I ever achieved in my music career has made me feel as proud and happy as to the fact that I was able to help my mother beat cancer. It’s an out of this world feeling.

We live in highly indoctrinated and ignorant society, where truth, logic, and common sense are often suppressed by vast political and economic interests.

Mother Nature doesn’t provide the answers in the silver platter, but she doesn’t go out of her way to make it difficult. People have the capacity to see the truth, but they need to make the effort to find it.

I believe my new goal in life is to raise consciousness, help people overcome health issues, and hopefully leave a much better planet for future generations.


What is Your Philosophy on Health?

If I could tell you my health philosophy in a few simple words, I would not have taken two years of my life to write Health For Life, nor would I have created many of my other products.

If you take some time to read natural health – and my products in particular, you will start seeing things from a unique perspective. You will begin to “connect the dots” that will guide you towards a holistic understanding of health, and to find simple solutions that will benefit your health greatly.

I believe a low fat, plant based diet is the healthiest diet there is.

I also believe that eating whole raw foods are healthier than eating cooked foods – which are “processed foods” in essence.

I consider other elements for human well being such as: getting sufficient sleep, rest and relaxation, physical activity, spiritual awareness, and other health attributes to be just as important as diet.

Sadly, our societies are not organised for healthy eating and healthy living. We live in polluted environments where choosing the right diet and lifestyle is not always easy.

For this reason, I am never fanatical about any one aspect of health alone. Some people might not be able to eat 100% raw all the time, but if they do plenty of exercise, get enough sleep, and practice other healthy habits; I believe it is a good thing.

True health is within everyone’s grasp, but it is necessary to see the big picture.


At BBC London Radio discussing natural health and the raw food diet, 24th September 2017.

What Books and Programs Have You Written?

Here’s list of the eBooks, programs, and information I have compiled so far:

Health For Life: A Unique And Invaluable Guide To Boost Your Immune System, Increase Your Energy Levels And Get A Stronger, Leaner Body
Health For Life Weekly Menu Planner: The Complete 7-Day Healthy For Life Eating Guide For Beginners And More Advanced Raw Foodists
Health For Life Audiobook
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